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“Ramen Zikon” at Shinmachi

“Ramen Zikon” at Shinmachi

The third store of this popular restaurant group is now open in a super convenient location!

For today’s lunch, I went to the ramen shop “Ramen Zikon” in Shinmachi, Nishi-ward.
This place is in a really convenient location, directly connected to Exit 2 of Yotsubashi Station on the Yotsubashi Subway Line!!
There were four kinds of ramen, which were salt, soy sauce, miso, and curry, and I was having trouble deciding, but then an employee told me, “I recommend salt! Although, they’re all recommended…”
“Special Natural Salt Quality Clam Soba” (¥1000)
The default is ¥750, but “Special” means that it is a fancy version in which two pork slices and an egg are added!


First I will have the soup.


Wow, so good!!
Wh… what is this, it’s super good!!
The quality taste of chicken and pork stock is concentrated, and with that the taste of the clam stock, which is as good, is tied together perfectly with the salt sauce!
Wow, I really really enjoy this taste.


Rather narrow straight noodles.


So good!!
The fragrance of the noodles, which are on the dry side, and their sweetness goes great with the superb soup!


Pork slice…


So good!!
There is a good balance between the red meat and fat, and it is soft, juicy, sweet, and super good!




So good!
That soft-boiled finish is superb!


I ate in a daze and I finished in no time!







The basics are the four flavors of salt, soy sauce, miso, and curry, and there are various toppings available as well as rice items.



The open interior with counter and table seating is a stylish and clean space that feels very comfortable!
Starting with the manager, the cute female employees all provide enthusiastic, kind, and warm service, so it feels like it would be no problem even for a female customer to eat here by herself!



When I arrived five minutes before the opening time of 11, there were five people in line.
It is directly connected to Exit 2 of Yotsubashi Station on the Yotsubashi Subway Line, and it is an extremely convenient location that is well within walking distance of Shinsaibashi!
There is no doubt that I will go there all the time now.


store Ramen Zikon
tel 06-6534-0008
address Yotsubashi Building B1F, 1-5-7, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 171m from Yotsubashi Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 11:00~15:00 , 18:00~21:00 [Sat.] 11:00~15:30
holiday Sunday and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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