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Spicy miso meat noodle at “Hirudora”

Spicy miso meat noodle at “Hirudora”

You will be hooked on its spicy and savory deliciousness!

We went to a ramen store in Nihonbashi called, “Hirudora” , for lunch today.
It specializes in “Spicy miso meat noodle,” as such, the this is the only thing on their menu. You can choose from 7 levels of spiciness, from LV0 to LV6!
I wanted to order the spiciest LV6, however, the store does not allow customers to order above LV5 unless they have previously tried LV4. Therefore, I ordered a LV4 today!
“Spicy miso meat noodle LV5 with garlic” (¥800). An irresistible color for spicy food lovers~^^


First, start with the soup.


Whoa~~~~, yummmmmy!!
The richness and umami of the pork bone base with the deep umami and a slight sweetness of miso, and a kick from the spiciness from the peppers. This is an addictive deliciousness.
While the spiciness LV4 felt a bit lacking for me, it allowed me to fully enjoy the flavors of the soup, so perhaps it was just the right spiciness!
In any case, it was super delicious, and I could not stop tasting the soup at the beginning (^^


Thicker straight noodles.


Whoa~~~, yummmmmy!!


Pork rib meat


Whoa~~, yummmmmy!!
The sweetness of pork rib meat is melded with the soup full of umami, resulting in truly addictive flavors!


Very thick and large char-siu


Whoa~~, yummmmmy!!
Very tender, with deep sweetness and umami. It matches perfectly with the soup!



When I arrived at the store at 1:45pm, it was full, with one person waiting outside of the store, even though it was raining outside. I lined up after him and was able to get a seat 15 minutes later!
The store has just opened, but it was still amazing that it was so crowded even in rain, at that time of the day.
I urge you to go try their “Spicy miso meat noodles” that will get you hooked (^^


store Hirudora
tel 06-6641-2888
address 5-10-14, Nihonbashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 325m from Ebisu-cho Station
opening hours 11:00~15:00 , 18:00~21:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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