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Udon Shop In Kizu Market Place, Osaka, “Yamato” : A Shop That Can Produce A Long Line

Udon Shop In Kizu Market Place, Osaka, “Yamato” : A Shop That Can Produce A Long Line

At the end of that amazingly long line, awaited a blissful meat roll!

For today’s lunch, I went to “Yamato”, an udon shop in the Kizu Market of Naniwa-Ku, Osaka.
I absolutely set my mind to eating the “meat roll” today, but when I went to the shop….
I was shocked when I arrived in front of the shop!!
What a line!!
There were more than 45 people lined up!!
I was quite surprised, but I set my mind to eating there today, so under a cold sky, I waited for two hours and fifteen minutes…
“Wagyu Beef Roll Set Meal, Plus Small Curry Udon And One Shrimp Tempura” (2100 yen), “Cheese Topping” (100 yen)


This meat roll packs a punch!


There was a ton of meat hidden inside of the egg!


Woooow, so goooood!!
This high-grade Japanese Black beef was tender and delicious!
The fairly strong broth penetrated the meat well. It was the best!
For supreme taste, and such warm service from the staff, people will line up for hours!


If I put the meat on a bunch of rice and eat it…


Woooow, so goooood!!
Ahhhhh! I can’t stop eating!


“Small Curry Udon”
It’s not very “small” at all. Totally fitting of this shop!


The sticky curry broth is…


So goooood!
With its effect broth, and strong taste of curry powder, it has a taste unique to this shop!




So goooood!


A large shrimp tempura drooling with cheese…


So goooood!
It was totally filling and delicious. It left me feeling truly happy.



There is not doubt that every item on the menu in this amazing shop will leave you with a feeling of satisfaction that goes well beyond the price.


When I got to the shop and saw this spectacle, I thought about giving up, but it was a good thing that I resolved myself to lining up!


store Yamato
tel 06-6632-0494
address Kizu Market, 2-2-8, Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 206m from Daikokucho Station
opening hours 5:00~14:00
holiday Sunday, National holiday and The holiday of Kizu Market (Irregularly Wednesday)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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