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» RESTAURANT » Kawakami Shoten in Osaka-Kizu Market Place
Kawakami Shoten in Osaka-Kizu Market Place

Kawakami Shoten in Osaka-Kizu Market Place

While the price has gone up, it is still good value for the money.

For today’s lunch I went to the eel restaurant “Kawakami Shoten” at the Osaka-Kizu Market Place in Naniwa-ku.
I came to the restaurant this time because I wanted to eat “Kansai-style” eel that was inexpensive and a good bargain.
This was the first time I had been to the restaurant since it had moved. It is popular within the wholesale market as an eel restaurant with good bargains.

Today I had the “extra special dish”, which is this restaurant’s deluxe “unaju” (eel served over rice.)
However, while I had the same dish last time that I came and paid ¥1,500 for essentially the same amount, this time the price had been increased to ¥1,800.
This was a bit of shock because this restaurant’s greatest appeal was that “one could eat the extra special dish for ¥1,500,” but I guess it could not be helped since this is the current trend.
Of course, even at ¥1,800 it is certainly still a good bargain for this much unaju.


Since it is Kansai-style eel, it has been broiled and not steamed so that the thick and juicy eel has a rich flavor!




“Umaki (rolled eel omelet)” (¥300)
The large umaki was freshly made and piping hot, and while it contained only a little eel it was pretty big!

The egg was soft and runny.


It was a wonderful bargain at only ¥300!



The “extra special dish” (¥1,800), and “umaki” (¥300), totaled ¥2,100.
There are not so many other restaurants where one can eat this much for ¥2,100!



In the restaurant, there are two tables that seat four people, one table that seats six people, and about three seats at the counter.
Since it is still new the space has a very fresh feeling.
While there were no other customers in the restaurant when I went, that was probably because of the time of day, and lots of people were coming to buy unaju for takeout.
For those who want to eat good quality eel at a good price, please try and visit Kizu Market Place.
I am sure that you will be satisfied (^^


store Kawakami Shoten
tel 06-6634-5910
address Kizu Market, 2-2-8, Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 210m from Daikokucho Station
opening hours 5:00〜13:00
holiday Sunday, National holiday and The holiday of Kizu Market (Irregularly wednesday)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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