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“Toshiro” in Kizu Market Place

“Toshiro” in Kizu Market Place

A marketplace cafeteria offering various delicious side dishes.

For today’s lunch, I went to a cafeteria in Kizu Market Place called “Toshiro”.
Delicious-looking side dishes are all lined up in rows within a display case in front of the counter and a large refrigerator, and you can just take whichever one you want for yourself.
This dish is “Tuna and Squid Sashimi” which was displayed in the refrigerator.
The thick, big slices of fresh tuna were rich with the tastiness of the tuna itself and were super delicious!

This freshness is surely due to the fact that it’s a marketplace cafeteria!

The squid sashimi were also rich in flavor.



“Boiled Mushrooms, Sea Bream Roe, and Freeze-dried Tofu”
The heartily delicious broth has completely seeped in and it was delicious!

Boiled dishes really are delicious in cafeterias like this one. (^^

“Rolled Omelet with Broth”


The broth worked effectively on these large rolled omelets!



“Tonjiru (Japanese Pork and Vegetable Miso Soup)”


There is no shortage of meaty pork ribs in this dish. The taste is on the strong side, but this is exactly the taste of a marketplace!

I think I ate a bit too much, but all of these cost me only exactly ¥2000!
I got carried away and ate too much, so I thought my bill would be huge. But for dishes made with all these fresh ingredients and deliciously seasoned to be this cheap—this is truly the power of being located in a marketplace. (^^



All the side dishes lined up in rows look very delicious. (^^
I don’t think I’ll get bored of this place even if I come here over and over again.



Inside the store are around 10 back to back counter seats. It’s newly built, so, as expected, the place is still very bright and clean.
I ate there at a time early enough to be called morning, but when I arrived almost all the seats were already taken by people who work at the marketplace! And to top it off, everyone except me was drinking either beer or sake!
Lucky them~~!
This made me want to come here in the morning on my day off and drink. (^^



The newly transformed Kizu Market Place has become incomparable to what it was like before. It’s become so clean and bright.
The parking area has been finished as well, so it’s now really convenient to come here. Do drop by this place even once as you go out to explore the marketplace of the town of food, Osaka. (^^


store Toshiro
tel 06-6649-6873
address Kizu Market, 2-2-8, Shikitsuhigashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 182m from Daikokucho Station
opening hours 3:00~13:00
holiday Sunday ,National holidays and the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month
Original(Written in Japanese)



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