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“Daikichi” in Sakai Fish Market

“Daikichi” in Sakai Fish Market

Freshly fried, piping hot tempura is the best!

Today, I went to a tempura shop in Sakai called “Daikichi” early in the morning.
This shop, which is located within the Sakai wholesale fish market area, opens in the middle of the night at 1:00 a.m. and does business until 9:00 a.m. From dinner to breakfast, this is a shop with a wide functionality range.
Today, I arrived there at 7:30 a.m.
From fresh seafood to fresh vegetables, their menu offers a lot of choices. For this shop, you write down the items you want to eat on a piece of paper, hand it to a shop attendant, and immediately watch those items get fried before your very eyes.

“Pork and Cheese Roll”
I don’t know the exact price, but all the fillings range from ¥100 to ¥200 which is surely a fair price!
Cheese oozes out from within it, and I bet it would taste great even if I just eat it like this, but…



I’m going to put some red pepper in their specially made semi-sweet grated radish Ponzu sauce (a tangy, soy-based sauce) and dip it here first before taking a bite.

Freshly fried and piping hot really is super delicious!!

Of course, the quail egg wieners and green peppers also tasted great!!


Drinking beer early in the morning.




The freshly fried tempura coating were all so crisp and delicious!!


The tempura tasted so good I couldn’t help but keep drinking my beers!


After eating tempura and drinking beer, the last dish I ate was their “Short-necked Clam Miso Soup.”
It’s this shop’s specialty and you definitely have to order it if you ever come here.
I think they piled up as many clams as they could into a bowl. What a large serving!

The clam meat were plump and were very delicious!!

The miso soup was filled with clam flavor and was also very delicious!!



It seems the style in this shop is to keep dropping the empty clam shells at your feet as you eat. (^^
As I dropped the empty shells, I tried counting them, and behold! There were a total of 21 clams in this bowl!
This much is enough to make your stomach bulge out.



We all kept ordering tempura and once we got to eat and drink and fill our bellies with as much as we can, we split the bill between the three of us and ended up paying only a little over ¥2000 each!
This was one very, very satisfying breakfast!



If ever you feel like eating tempura in the middle of the night or early in the morning, do try and pay this shop a visit.
The parking area has been completed so you can rest easy coming here. (^^

Also, if you feel like eating at noon or in the evening instead, they have a branch store in Nanba so you can go there instead!


store Daikichi
tel 072-233-8418
address Sakai Uoichiba(Sakai Fish Market) , 2-4-28, Sakaebashicho, Sakai-ku Sakai-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 233m from Sakai Station
opening hours [Tue.-Fri.] 0:00~9:30 [Sat.-Sun. and National holiday] 23:00~9:00
holiday Monday (Sunday midnight)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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