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“QUEEN TACOS” in Nipponbashi

“QUEEN TACOS” in Nipponbashi

This Restaurant That Specializes in Okinawan Taco Rice and Traditional Tacos is Honestly Amazing!

For lunch today I went to “QUEEN TACOS” , a restaurant that specializes in Taco Rice and Tacos, in Nipponbashi.
It’s a restaurant where you can enjoy Taco Rice, which is a food originating in Okinawa, and Mexican Tacos that have been prepared in an Okinawan way.

“Tacos” – 380 Yen
First, ground beef, onion and cheese are placed inside a crunchy taco shell, and then a large amount of lettuce is layered on top of that giving it amazing volume!
All that for only 380 Yen really is more than reasonable!


Then you put a lot of salsa and tabasco on top…


Mix it all together and enjoy it with some taco shell…


So goooooood!!!
When cheese, fresh lettuce and salsa are united with spicy, seasoned ground beef, it comes out super delicious!
The savoriness of the crunchy taco shell is great too!


Orion Beer


A cold beer is the perfect thing to pair with these tacos!


“Crispy Karaage (Regular Size)” – 380 Yen
You can get Mega Size, Large Size and Regular Size, but even though this was a somewhat small Regular Size, the amount of food was still quite suprising!
And considering it was only 380 Yen, it was more than reasonable!


Amaaaazingly good!
The breading is certainly crispy and savory, and the inside is soft and juicy!
It has a slightly strong flavor reminiscent of junk food, so this too would go best with a beer!


Corona Beer



“French Fries (Regular Size)” – 280 Yen
Again, way more food than you would expect for 280 Yen!



12 different types of salt are offered with your meal, and every single one of them is super delicious!


Soooooooo delicious!!!
The flavors are all so addicting, once you start it will be hard to stop eating (^^
Even still, when I went by myself and I couldn’t finish all my food, I couldn’t finish all my french fries and had some left over, and I started to worry about what to do, a female employee came over and asked, “Would you like me to package that up for you?” and then put them in a take-out bag for me!
Such reasonable customer service (^^


The food menu has four items and all of them are an extremely reasonable price!



The comfortable and casual feeling inside the store was really nice!
I went in the middle of the day, so there was a fair amount of customers, but there were no interruptions and I was able to buy food for take-out!
I highly recommend this store for when you want to eat delicious tacos and drink beer!
I will definitely be going back again!


tel 06-6649-3377
address Mansion Tanaka 1F, 1-4-8, Nipponbashinishi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 468m from Ebisuchō Station
opening hours 1:30~21:00 (Lunch:〜14:00)
holiday Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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