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“Butakin” in Miyakojima

“Butakin” in Miyakojima

This exclusive pork niboshi maze-soba is over-the-top with delicious satisfaction!

For today’s lunch I went to “Butakin” , a ramen shop in Miyakojima.
I personally love this spot because you can always enjoy a really rich, high-quality tonkotsu ramen.
They also serve limited quantities of maze-soba, which I’ve always wanted to try!
“Pork Niboshi Maze-Soba (w/ small side of rice)” (¥850).
It’s topped with thick cuts of rare Chashu pork, roughly chopped onion, fish cake, scallions and radish sprouts!


Mix it all together…



Whooaaa, it’s so goood!!
The flavors of rich tonkotsu and dried sardine broth mix together perfectly as they meld with the chewy noodles!
This is so delicious it’s GOT to be breaking some rules!!



I got so caught up in eating that I didn’t even realize I had finished all the noodles, but one last delight still awaits^^
Since it comes with a small side of rice, you can put this on top of what’s left in your bowl…


Mix it up again really good…



Ahhh, it’s soooo goooood!!
I really doesn’t get any better than this!!
You can eat so much you feel like you might burst! This maze-soba is really, really satisfying!


I highly recommend this place to anyone who likes the rich flavor of tonkotsu and seafood tonkotsu!


store Butakin
tel 06-6924-5600
address 1-6-20, Miyakojimahondori, Miyakojima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 159m from Miyakojima Station
opening hours 11:00~14:30 , 18:00~22:00 (Open until supplies lasts)
holiday Monday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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