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An Okonomiyaki Shop that serves great value lunch! “Tonpei Kitahama Store”

An Okonomiyaki Shop that serves great value lunch! “Tonpei Kitahama Store”

Eggs deliciously mixed in with tender meat—that's Tontama!

For today’s lunch, I went to “Tonpei Kitahama Store” , an okonomiyaki shop located in Kitahama.
This is a popular chain currently expanding with multiple branches in Osaka. Their lunch time menu does not have okonomiyaki. Instead, they serve various teppanyaki set meals.
This store’s lunch menu meal consists of a main dish which you will choose, and comes with eat-all-you-can rice, miso soup, salad, curry, and pickled vegetables.
“Tontama (S)” (¥780)
My meal was served still sizzling, freshly fried from the piping hot pan, which is great!


This was the smallest size “S” of the three meal sizes available, but it’s still a considerable serving with lots of meat mixed in with creamy eggs.


Eating the meat with some egg…


So delicioooouuuus!!
Soft and creamy eggs mixed into pieces of superbly tender meat amply seasoned with oroshi (grated radish) soy sauce—this is one addicting taste!


Eat-all-you-can rice, salad, miso soup, curry, and eggs!
And from 1:00 p.m. onwards, they also offer eat-all-you-can mentaiko (salted cod roe spiced with red pepper)!


Curry, miso soup, and salad…


So delicioooouuuus!!
The combination of rich flavor and light spices are great and is sure to agree with anyone’s taste buds!
The miso soup is filled with a gentle dashi flavor and tastes really good!
Since it’s an eat-all-you-can, I found myself going for seconds(^^





With its eat-all-you-can rice and sides, this lunch menu can fill your stomach to the point of bursting and is truly a bargain!
The store is also very conveniently located in a building directly connected to the Kitahama station.
In the evening, they serve okonomiyaki to start along with other items in their izakaya (Japanese bar) menu at reasonable prices. I would definitely love to pay them a visit in the evening as well!


store Tonpei Kitahama Store
tel 06-6203-3545
address Kitahamachuo Building, 2-2-22, Kitahama, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 68m from Kitahama Station
opening hours 11:00~22:00
holiday Sunday and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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