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“Hidamarian” in Sakai City

“Hidamarian” in Sakai City

The steak and roast beef bowl that's so good it creates long lines

Today I went to the steak specialist restaurant “Hidamarian” in Sakai City for lunch.
When I came to this restaurant for the first time three and a half years ago, I was overwhelmed by the value for money given how tasty it was. Afterwards it suddenly became a hugely popular restaurant with long lines of customers waiting, and I even heard that it got to the point where they received complaints from the neighbors and were unable to provide lunch service for a while.
I love roast beef bowl meals, so I was always wanting to come back to this place and eat it again, and I finally got the chance to do so!
“Aimori Don (regular)” (¥880)
The portion size of this bowl of roast beef and grilled steak on rice is so big that you ask yourself “…and this is the regular size?!”
This hulking bowl is so big that I don’t think your average girl could finish it all!


Easy-to-eat bite-size cuts of steak…


Whoaaaaaa, so goooooood!!
The meat infused with the flavor of the grill, perfectly tender and juicy, is blended perfectly with the sauce!
This tasty sauce will keep you coming back for more and more rice (^^


Roast beef…


Mmmmmm, amaaazing!!
The texture is both tender yet perfectly firm — really excellent roast beef!


Underneath the seaweed is hidden the egg yolk. Breaking it up…


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, deliciousssss!!
This is really just irresistible (^^


It gets even better when you try some of the horseradish on the table and enjoy the change in the flavors!!



There was already roughly 25 people lining up in front of the store when I arrived exactly at 12pm!
For a moment I thought about giving up, but decided that today I’d line up and wait.
I ended up waiting about an hour and ten minutes before getting inside, but it felt strange to think “I’m glad I waited for this!” when I finally ate this. (^^
This steak and roast beef bowl is too amazing and too good value to miss out on, so I absolutely recommend it!


store Hidamarian
tel 072-222-1129
address 3-1-13, Kainochohigashi, Sakai-ku Sakai-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 249m from Shukuin Station
opening hours 11:15~15:00 (Open until supplies last) , 18:00~21:00
holiday Sunday and Wednesday (Check irregular holidayas on twitter@hidamari_sakai)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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