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“Sushi Dining Ryu” in Fukushima Ward

“Sushi Dining Ryu” in Fukushima Ward

A super great value sushi lunch that's well-known to those in the know!

For today’s lunch I went to a Sushi restaurant located in the Fukushima ward called “Sushi Dining Ryu” .
This is an amazing place a friend of mine told me about.
“Omakase Nigiri (12 pcs of Chef’s choices of hand-rolled sushi) + Kobachi (Small dish/appetizer) + Red Miso Soup” (¥1350)
This much of these dishes for this price is really quite unbelievable!


The set looks like this from above. (^^


Woooow, deliciooooouuuuusss!!
How could all these sushi toppings be this delicious? The flavor of the fish is so rich you’ll definitely find yourself asking that.
The Tuna Akami (red lean tuna meat), Chutoro (medium fatty tuna meat), and the Kinmedai no Aburi (slightly cooked red snapper meat) were especially delicious enough to bring tears to your eyes. (^^



There are five types of lunch sets offered on their menu, but I believe all of these offer satisfaction greater than their prices.
You can find this restaurant on a narrow alley in Fukushima Ward. It’s so hard to find, you might find yourself wondering whether there really is any shop located there.
Even though it’s located in such a spot, customers come in one after the other. I suppose it’s because those who know about it know that it offers really great value for its prices.
If you want to eat a filling, genuine nigiri sushi lunch at a really affordable price, I highly recommend this store to you!


store Sushi Dining Ryu
tel 06-6131-9066
address 2-8-10, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 116m from Shin Fukushima Station
opening hours 11:30~14:00 , 17:30~23:00
holiday Sundays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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