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T2 Sumikoutetsu in Fukushima

T2 Sumikoutetsu in Fukushima

Be deeply impressed with the deliciousness of extremely fresh Yamato-Nikudori Chicken!

I had dinner at a Chicken Cuisine Restaurant in the Fukushima Ward called “T2 Sumikoutetsu”.
In this shop, you can eat meticulously prepared chicken dishes made with fresh Yamato-Nikudori chicken (a brand of chicken) processed in the morning of that same day.
“Raw Yamato-Nikudori Chicken Platter” (¥1280)
This is a platter consisting of chicken liver, heart, gizzard, and tenderloin.


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The extremely fresh meat has a very clean taste and the more you chew it, the more it exudes its sweetness.


Draft Beer



“Slightly Broiled Breast Meat with Wasabi” (¥780)


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The meat is soft and tender and the surface is very aromatic. The sharpness of the wasabi goes really well with it. It’s delicious~(^^


“Tender Boiled Liver” (¥480)
Last time I was deeply impressed with their boiled liver and I just had to eat it again!


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
This is really so good!
The liver has deeply soaked in the slightly sweet and extremely tasty sauce. It’s very rich and feels like it’s melting in my mouth!
This is the only place where I’ve tasted such delicious boiled liver. (^^


“Tottori-produced Totoriko Pork Tempura with Green Mustard” (¥850)


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The splendidly sweet and juicy, tender pork matches splendidly with the spicy mustard sauce!





“Chicken Liver Broiled Very Rare” (¥580)


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The concentrated flavor is very rich and is just so delicious!


“Matsuba” (¥380)
This is the meat around the collarbone area grilled with salt!


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The tender and juicy meat is very tasty and just so delicious!


“Shoulder meat”


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
It’s tender, savory, juicy and super delicious!





“Savory and Spicy Yodare Chicken (a Chinese Sichuan dish)” (¥780)
This is this shop’s hidden specialty!


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The spiciness and savoriness of the sauce is just exceptional!
Being able to taste this kind of genuine Chinese cuisine in a Yakitori shop is really impressive!


“Sichuan-style Chicken and Vegetable Stew” (¥680)


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The savoriness and spiciness of the broad bean chili paste and the Gochuang (a Korean spicy paste) are really addicting. (^^



“Celery Pickled in Rayu (Chinese chili oil)” (¥480)


The refreshing spiciness is invigorating and delicious!
Shochu (a Japanese distilled spirit) and Soda Mix



“Chicken Gizzard with Cumin Salt” (¥380)


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The gizzard had a wonderfully refreshing texture and it was so juicy that meaty juices ooze out from the inside as you bite into it. The cumin flavor was also great!


“Chicken Harami (meat around internal organs) and Cloud Ear Mushrooms Fried Egg Moo Shu Chicken” (¥680)


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The chicken harami was very tender. It was also seasoned excellently. Delicious!


“Korinki Pumpkin Pickled with Shio Kombu (salted dried kelp)” (¥380)
This is quite the unique dish!



Shochu and Soda Mix



This is a “Whitebait and Buttered Corn Chahan (Chinese-style fried rice)” arranged and not on the official menu, the “Wagamama Chahan (Chahan of Self-Indulgence)!” (¥780)
This comes with Parmigiano-Reggiano Cheese grated and sprinkled on it. This is definitely a chahan cheese-lovers cannot have enough of. (^^


Wooooow, so delicioooouuuusss!!
The fluffy Parmigiano Cheese was just so good. I’ve never tasted anything like this Chahan before. It was so good I could almost cry!
I’m full and very, very, very satisfied!!







They have very attractive items on their menu and at reasonable prices!


This is a very popular store in the superb and reasonable Yakitori battleground of Fukushima—so popular that it’s actually quite difficult to make reservations!
The light atmosphere is also wonderful, making this shop superbly customer-friendly!
If ever you want to eat deeply impressive, delicious Yamato-Nikudori yakitori or gourmet dishes, I highly recommend you try this place!


store T2 Sumikoutetsu
tel 06-6147-7822
address Rich Height 1F, 1-7-19, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 180m from the new Fukushima Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 18:00~26:00 [Sat.-Sun. and National holidays] 18:00~23:00 (Open until ingredients lasts)
holiday First Sunday of every month (also has irregular holidays)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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