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“Motsunabe Eiraku” in Izumiotsu City

“Motsunabe Eiraku” in Izumiotsu City

A superb motsunabe at a hidden gem well-known to connoisseurs!

I enjoyed dinner at “Motsunabe Eiraku”, an izayaka in Izumiotsu City.
Although it’s right by Nankai Izumiotsu Station, many of the locals don’t know this restaurant exists, making it a true hidden gem that’s quietly situated in a deceptively hard to find location!
With motsunabe (stewed pot with tripe and other offal) as its core offering, you can enjoy various izakaya dishes and sushi at this restaurant.
“Famous! Motsunabe” (1,150 yen per person, photo is for 2 servings)
You can choose between “white” and “red” broth, so I chose “white.”


Simmer for a bit…



It’s delicious!!
The fatty offal is wonderfully sweet, and it’s simmered in the tonkotsu (pork bone) flavored broth, making it incredibly delicious!


Draft beer



”Famous Achilles Tendon Ponzu (Citrus Sauce)” (500 yen)


It’s delicious!!
The Achilles tendon has a jellylike texture, and the sweetness that seeps out the more you chew it is perfectly matched with the refreshing ponzu!


“Motsukara (Fried offal)” (680 yen)


It’s delicious!!
The savory batter and the chewy, plump offal are an excellent match!





“Doteyaki (Beef sinew stewed in miso)” (500 yen)


It’s delicious!!
The lightly sweet and very tasty broth is seeped well into the soft offal!


“Fried Pork-Wrapped Avocado” (600 yen)
Try it with a good amount of the tartar sauce and…


It’s delicious!!
The sweet pork, rich avocado, and the tartar sauce come together and it’s incredibly tasty!





“Saba (Mackerel) Sushi” (2000 yen per dish)
This saba sushi is overwhelming!


Really thick pieces of saba!


Wow, it’s delicious!!


Throw in some “Chinese noodles” (300 yen) at the end of your motsunabe!


Wow, it’s delicious!!
The flavors of the offal and the vegetables seeped out into the broth and was boiled down and reduced, it’s incredibly tasty!
I think this will be great as a porridge as well (^^
I’m full and very, very, very satisfied!!




The menu is full of tempting items!





The first floor has table seating as well as seats with a sunken kotatsu built into the floor, and the second floor has private rooms and a spacious zashiki (floor seating) area!



Walking towards the restaurant’s address, there’s only a LAWSON…
But there’s the sign if you look closer!
Then behind the LAWSON, to the side, you’ll see what looks like a restaurant…


And you’ll discover the restaurant past the LAWSON!
It’s hard to find, indeed (^^;
It turns out the restaurant was constructed in an old warehouse!
Both the exterior and interior give off a fabulous atmosphere, and the food is delicious and reasonably priced, what a wonderful restaurant (^^
I’d love to come back again!


store Motsunabe Eiraku
tel 0725-33-0606
address 9-7, Showacho, Izumiotsu-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 447m from Izumiōtsu Station
opening hours 18:00~23:00
holiday Tuesday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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