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Esaka Ginpei

Esaka Ginpei

Taste this "Teishoku" platter, teaming with overwhelming satisfaction and endless volumes of fish!

For today’s lunch I went to “Esaka Ginpei”, a seafood restaurant in Esaka.
This location is an offshoot of the original Wakayama location, serving an array of fish “teishoku’ (set meal) platters at an amazing price!
This time I tried the “Mixed Fried Platter” (¥1,080), which includes deep-friend oysters(^^
There are five seafood and two vegetable items, making for a whopping seven different types of fried food.


A shrimp, a sardine, white fish, squid, oyster, shishito and sweet potato all come together in this 7-way fry!


So delicioussss!!
The breading is crispy and light and the ingredients are so delicious you’re bound to enjoy this!


Dip the fried oyster well into the tartare…


Oohhh, it’s sooo goood!!
The rich oyster is a perfect match with the tartare!


This is the Simmered Fish Platter (¥1,080) that my friend ate.
It’s a halibut simmered in soy sauce, which is one of the three steamed fish options. This halibut was so meaty and huge!
I tried a bite…


Ohhhhh, that’s really goooddd!!
The soft, tender flesh is steeped in the delicious flavor of elegant, condensed sauce sauce, and really is just so good~!



It seems that all of their Teishoku platters are made with delicious, satisfyingly big portions!


I was shocked to find this restaurant unassuming on the second floor of a building only 2-3 minutes walk from Esaka Station!
It has a close, bustling interior, and about 6-7 people were waiting to get inside!
It’s really popular!
When you want delicious, well-priced fish teishoku, I recommend you try this restaurant!


store Esaka Ginpei
tel 06-6386-4313
address Serenite Esakaichibankan 2F, 1-13-46, Esakacho, Suita-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 315m from Esaka Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 , 17:30~23:00
holiday Sundays (national holidays will be irregular holidays) , 12/30〜1/4
Original(Written in Japanese)



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