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“Kobe Beef Ramen 915” in Namba

“Kobe Beef Ramen 915” in Namba

A world first! Introducing ramen topped with raw Kobe beef, an excess of extravagance!

We went to Namba to visit “Kobe Beef Ramen 915”, which opened in November 2015.
This restaurant is the first place in the world to offer a super-luxurious ramen that has never been seen before! Here, you can get ramen with a hearty topping of raw Kobe beef—the genuine article, with the attached document certifying the beef’s lineage.
The way to eat this ramen is to pour piping-hot soup over the raw Kobe beef resting atop the noodles. Once the meat has been heated through, enjoy eating the beef and noodles together.
The menu is as follows:
The “Kobe Beef Ramen” (small) contains 20 grams of Kobe beef and costs ¥1,100.
A medium bowl contains 40 grams and costs ¥1,500, while a large bowl contains 60 grams and costs ¥2,000.
The “Kobe Beef Sirloin Ramen” contains 100 grams of top-grade A5 beef sirloin, and costs ¥4,000.
The “Kobe Beef Fillet Ramen” contains 100 grams of top-grade A5 beef filet, and costs ¥6,000.
This preposterously luxurious ramen totally upends any former notions you might have formerly held about the common price range for a ramen shop!
This time, I ordered the “Kobe Beef Sirloin Ramen” for ¥4,000!
The noodles are hidden under this delicious layer of meat!
While this is definitely a world-first for ramen, it was also my first experience paying ¥4,000 for one bowl of ramen in my 25-year history of trying new restaurants (^^


Once you pour the steaming broth— made from 100% Kobe beef bones— onto the meat from above, the meat is steadily heated through, and changes color right before your eyes.


First, I excitedly take a bite of the meat…


Whoaaaaaaa, so yummy!!
The Kobe beef has an outrageously rich sweetness, and the meat is so soft that it melts in your mouth almost instantaneously, leaving an emotional impression.
Since the beef broth has a very light flavor, the sweetness of the meat is given much more emphasis, and you can enjoy the true essence of the deliciousness of Kobe beef!



The light soup adheres to the noodles, and you can enjoy the flavor of the noodles too!


Incidentally, this is the large “Kobe Beef Ramen” (¥2,000)!
This is 60 grams of Kobe beef, but even this amount of meat is more than sufficient!


For every order, the meat is carefully carved off this block of Kobe beef with a slicer, then dished up on top of the noodles!



There are five varieties of Kobe beef ramen, and Kobe beef curry is also on offer.
According to the owner, who has dealt with Kobe beef for many years, the prices are certainly steep for ramen. However, it is usually almost impossible to be able to eat genuine Kobe beef at this low a price.
It is really wonderful to see one man’s spirited desire to give many people the chance to easily taste the deliciousness that is Kobe beef!



With counter and table seating, the shop has a very comfortable layout.



If you’re in the mood for some extravagance and want to eat some Kobe beef, by all means, give this shop a visit!


store Kobe Beef Ramen 915
tel 06-6214-0915
address B1F, 7-13, Soemoncho, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 389m from Osaka Namba Station
opening hours 17:00~ Open until supplies lasts
holiday Open everyday
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