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» RESTAURANT » “Araumado”, located in front of Osaka Station.
“Araumado”, located in front of Osaka Station.

“Araumado”, located in front of Osaka Station.

Completely satisfying high-level tonkotsu and soy sauce ramen paired with a hearty deep-fried daily special.

Today for lunch, I went to the ramen shop “Araumado” which is located in the first floor basement of crost.
I love this extremely user-friendly shop located right in the middle of Umeda where you can eat many varieties of good-value ramen at once.
“Cubed pork ramen” (930 yen)、”Deep-fried daily special” (400 yen).
I wondered to myself if I could even finish such a tremendous helping of food!


Served in a bowl that is quite a bit larger than an average ramen bowl, it truly is quite hearty!


Tasting some of the semi-thick broth.


The tightly condensed, delicious flavor of the tonkotsu allows the savory soy sauce to tighten the whole taste, finishing the dish off with very deep umami flavor!
A considerably high-level tonkotsu and soy sauce flavor, isn’t it!


Slightly plump, straight noodles.


So delicious!!
Noodles with a slippery, yet springy texture combine well with the broth to create an appetizing flavor.


The cubed pork has been very thickly cut and really packs a punch!


Amazingly good!!
So tender and thick that it melts in your mouth with hardly any chewing. Umami and sweet flavors create a rich and incredibly delectable taste.


Getting this much fried food for an extra 400 yen is a very fair deal.


Roast pork fried rice


Savoring the flavors of the moderately fluffy clumps of rice grain by grain is unbelievably tasty!


Deep-fried food


So tasty!
The skin is flaky, crispy, and very savory while the succulent meat itself is overflowing with juices.



I was as happy as could be eating this smorgasbord of kimchi and Chinese bamboo shoots.





The shop lays out a variety of ramen dishes and set meals at a great value. Being able to divide up food based on what one feels like eating is really great!
If you visit at around 11:40, the spacious interior will be almost filled and a very long line of people who’ve come to eat will have formed.
Getting to eat such high level ramen in this location for such an affordable price is quite a popular secret!
I will definitely dine there in the future!


store Araumado
tel 06-4799-9056
address crost B1F, 3-1-1, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 190m from Umeda Station (Hanshin)
opening hours 11:00~23:30
holiday Same as crost
Original(Written in Japanese)



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