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“Chinese Noodle Kazura” in Awaza

“Chinese Noodle Kazura” in Awaza

I was moved this super fairly priced seafood chicken white broth!

For today’s lunch, I went to a ramen shop in Awaza, Nishi-ku called “Chinese Noodle Kazura”.
This is my first time visiting this shop! It has had long queues and has been a hot topic ever since it opened in August.
They have two types of ramen available: Shoyu (soy sauce-based) and Shio (salt-based). Today, I went with their “Dashi Soba (Buckwheat Noodle Soup)” (¥550), a Shoyu type ramen.
One characteristic feature of this ramen is its soup, which has been whisked to have a frothy surface. More incredible than anything, though, is that this full bowl sells for only ¥550!!
Topped with two slices of rare chashu roast pork, spring onions, and chopped onions, the price of this ramen is quite unbelievable!
The more I look at this ramen, the more I feel the passion the shop put into doing their utmost to sell this full bowl of ramen at the cheapest price possible and give the customer maximum happiness!
It’s wonderful~!


The frothy soup.


Woooow, deliciooouuuusss!!
The chicken, seafood, and soy sauce flavors are all perfectly balanced, with no one flavor rising above another. They all blend into a gentle taste.
I really like this gentle flavor. I think I could just keep drinking more and more of this soup. (^^


Moderately thick straight noodles.


The noodles are springy, chewy, and firm, and the soup clings really well to it!


Rare chashu.


It’s tender and soft and it also has a gentle taste to it. It’s really delicious~!


I finished the entire bowl in no time at all. (^^
I’m really impressed that I could get this level of satisfaction for only ¥550!



I went there at past 2:00 p.m. and, by chance, there was one available seat, so I got in without waiting. However, after that, customers steadily kept arriving and a queue of several people had formed.
It’s also really nice that they’re open from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.!


store Chinese Noodle Kazura
tel -
address Kita Building 1F, 1-12-21, Awaza, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 570m from Honmachi Station
opening hours 11:00~16:00
holiday Sundays and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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