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Beef Bowl Specialty Shop Fujiaki Bettei in Nipponbashi

Beef Bowl Specialty Shop Fujiaki Bettei in Nipponbashi

The opening of a meat bowl specialty shop produced by the popular Ura-Namba yakiniku shop!

Today for lunch I went to beef bowl specialty shop “Fujiaki Bettei in Nipponbashi”.
The very popular Ura-Namba yakiniku restaurant “Yakiniku Fujiaki” had its grand opening of their new meat bowl specialty shop so I went in a hurry!
The menu includes six different types of meat-on-rice bowls, including beef, pork, and chicken, and each choice is incredibly enticing!
“The Very Rare Beef Bowl” (¥1000) is first on the menu so I had their signature bowl to start!
This truly very rare-looking meat was perfectly seared and liberally heaped on top of rice.


I broke the egg…


And took my first bite…


Whoa, so good!!
When I bit into this wonderfully-textured meat, sweet juices oozed out, the powerfully flavorful sauce and rice interacted just so, and it was incredibly delicious!



There are lots of condiments available, too, so you can enjoy different tastes.


All six varieties of meat bowl are so enticing and I definitely want to conquer them all!



The shop is only open during the daytime, but the operating hours are long, and it is open every day, so it is very easy to enjoy!


store Fujiaki Bettei
tel 06-6641-1296
address 1-1-5, Nihonbashinishi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 449m from Namba Station (Nankai)
opening hours 11:00~17:00
holiday No fixed holiday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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