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Gyuu-katsu from Takeru Nipponbashi Store

Gyuu-katsu from Takeru Nipponbashi Store

Takeru, the famous restaurant where you can always find a long line, opened a gyuukatsu specialty restaurant!

For today’s lunch I went to Takeru Nipponbashi Store, a specialty gyuukatsu spot in Nipponbashi, Naniwa Ward.
I went to the restaurant’s premier before it opened on March 5th!
The menu usually only has “Gyuukatsu Teishoku” sets, but they also have only five special servings available everyday of their 1 kg, “Mega Gyuukatsu Rice Bowl”.
“Gyuukatsu Poached Egg and Grated Yam Teishoku” ¥1,100.
The normal gyuukatsu set has beef cutlet, shredded cabbage (free refills), barley rice (free refills), red miso soup, and Japanese pickles.
This dish is like that, but with the addition of a poached egg and grated yam.


The beef cutlet, cooked for only 60 seconds, has a beautiful rare center!


They prepare a solid-fuel burning iron skillet so you can have it cooked to your desired doneness.



After adding kombu-flavored soy sauce and placing it on the iron skillet, a wonderful sizzle and amazing aroma hits your nose!


Once it’s grilled a bit you taste it with some wasabi and…


Whooaaaa, that’s goooddd!!
The tender meat is very sweet, and the kombu soy sauce and wasabi are a perfect match!
It’s nice because, since it’s only grilled on the one side, you get to enjoy the texture and flavor of both the rare and the aromatic, grilled side!



There are 8 types of condiments on the table so you can enjoy different ways of eating it!
The cucumbers and pickled mustard leaf sides are unlimited!


I take another piece of one-side only grilled beef and try it with some Takeru secret spice and…


Ohhhh its sooo yummy!!
This Takeru special spice mix can really go great with anything! (^^


After dumping a poached egg and grated yam on the barley rice I try it with some kombu soy sauce and…


The barley rice and grated yam make for an inexplicably but perfectly matched taste, but when mixed in with the addition of a poached egg it’s ridiculously good!
Everything up to the Japanese pickles and red miso soup were so good that it makes you want to just keep getting refills of the barley rice. (^^



It’s interesting that they have extra cutlets ready, too!



The restaurant only has room for 9 seats at the bar, but the seats are very spacious with a trendy atmostphere, so even female patrons will feel welcome to drop by!


On the day they opened and the following day (the 6th), they had some crazy promotions going on!
Their usual Gyuukatsu Set normally goes for ¥1,000, but the first 50 people who visited the store could have it for only ¥29. Then the next 51-100 people who came could have it for only ¥290! Then the 101st person and anyone after could buy it for only ¥500. I’d love to come back again.


store Takeru Nipponbashi Store
tel 06-6635-2929
address 3-8-26, Nippombashi, Naniwa-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 366m from Namba Station (Nankai)
opening hours 11:00~23:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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