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Taiseikaku in Shinsaibashi

Taiseikaku in Shinsaibashi

Is it possible to get expensive Kobe beef for such a reasonable price?! The feeling of satisfaction you get from tasting this delicious Kobe beef yakiniku set meal is truly sublime!

For today’s lunch, I went to the Chinese restaurant “Taiseikaku” in Shinsaibashi.
I knew that the “Kobe beef Chinese yakiniku set meal” (¥1,500) went on sale today, so I immediately went to try it!
Kobe beef usually costs upwards of ¥6,000 per 100g and is world-renowned for high quality and extremely expensive prices!
At this restaurant you can get a yakiniku set meal made with over 100g of genuine A5 rank Kobe beef for only ¥1,500 (incl. tax)!
With strips of sizzling yakiniku meat in a special Chinese sauce, a raw egg, two kinds of dim sum dumplings, salad, soup, pickled vegetables, a bottomless bowl of rice, annin tofu dessert and self-service coffee, this is ridiculously good value for money!


How you want to use the raw egg is up to you. You can beat the egg and pour it over the meat or mix it into the rice. I tried to separate the yolk and put it in the middle.


Meat entwined with egg yolk…


Woooow! Delicious!!
The meat is wonderfully tender with just the right level of sweetness!
Moreover, the thick, dense and extremely delicious sauce will leave you completely addicted after one bite!


Put on top of the rice…


Woooow! Delicious!!


Shark fin and prawn dim sum dumplings…


Woooow! Delicious!!
The piping hot dumplings overflow with genuinely luxurious flavor! Any way you slice it, all of this, including the annin tofu dessert and self-service coffee, is a real bargain at ¥1,500!


“Kobe beef Chinese yakiniku set meal” (¥1,500 incl. tax) is limited to 20 a day!
Do not miss this rare chance to eat Kobe beef at a bargain price! By all means, come and try it out!


store Taiseikaku
tel 06-6271-5238
address 1-18-12, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 242m from Shinsaibashi Station
opening hours 11:00~22:00
holiday Open everyday (except12/30〜1/2)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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