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“Kitchen Bar OWL” in Yodoyabashi

“Kitchen Bar OWL” in Yodoyabashi

The over-the-top, oversized dish that everyone's talking about, "OWL Rice Hamburg", has a flavor that'll take you back!

For today’s lunch I went to “Kitchen Bar OWL”, a western-style restaurant in Yodoyabashi.
This spot is famous for its extremely large Hamburg Steaks, so I went to eat their famous omurice topped with a giant Hamburg!
“OWL Rice Hamburg” (w/ Soup & Salad) ¥950
I had only seen it in pictures up until now, but to see it brought out in front of you in real life is quite a shock!!
On a huge plate there’s a giant omurice that’s even bigger than the palm of my hand, and there’s a hamburg steak laid on top of it that’s as big as your sandals!
It’s not that thick, but in terms of surface area, it’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen, without a doubt!


From the side it looks kind of like this.


From above.
This hamburg steak seems to get bigger the more you look at it, enough to think you’ll never be able to finish (^^


If you slice into it you’ll see the egg is jam-packed with ketchup rice!


Now to have some steak and omurice…


The hamburg steak is moist, soft and the meat is full of sweet flavor. The demiglace sauce has a good acid to it that reminds you of an old, nostalgic flavor, plus it matches perfectly with the hamburg and omurice!
It tastes even better than it looks, making you want to plow right through it (^^



With a soup and salad included ¥950 is a great price for it!
After eating it all I thought I would burst, but it was so good that you don’t have to think its weird or worry it all, it’s very satisfying!



The OWL Rice Hamburg can be served alternatively with a half-sized “mini” hamburg steak, which is great for those who can’t eat as much!
Some people near me were eating a hamburg lunch dish that was an iron skillet filled to both ends with Hamburg Steak! That looked impressive too!



The interior looks like a cafe from back in the day, making it feel like a very calm and soothing space.
You have to visit and try the all-out satisfying and famous dish, OWL Rice Hamburg for yourself!


store Kitchen Bar OWL
tel 06-6204-4114
address 3-2-3, Hiranomachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 473m from Yodoyabashi Station
opening hours 11:30-14:00 , 17:00-23:00
holiday Weekends and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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