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“Yakiniku Fujiaki” in Namba

“Yakiniku Fujiaki” in Namba

A rare hamburger steak lunch that you cook yourself at an acclaimed "yakiniku" grilled meat restaurant!

For today’s lunch I went to “Yakiniku Fujiaki”, a yakiniku restaurant in Namba. It just opened at the end of last year, and is a place where you can get carefully selected Japanese black beef and Kobe beef that are grilled.
When I went the other evening I was impressed with the delicious meat, and when I heard that from this week it is opening for lunch I had to go immediately!
While there are four kinds of lunches on the menu, I first had to eat this!
“Fujiaki Specialty! The (M) set Korean tartare-like explosive hamburger steak” (¥1,380)
Carefully selected and high quality minced Japanese black beef, which could even be eaten raw, is served as a hamburger steak that is very lightly browned on the outside and very rare on the inside, which you can then cook yourself to your liking on an iron ingot that is on the side and has been heated piping hot!



With the outside very lightly browned, and it completely raw on the inside, it is just like Korean tartare!
While I would like to eat it just as it is, I don’t like raw meat…



When I put it on the iron ingot that has been heated piping hot, it makes a sizzling sound and gives off a nice smell!


I dip it in some sauce and then eat it…


Wow, deeelicious!!
The outside is nice and crisp, and inside the rich flavor of the rare hamburger meat together with the sauce is insanely delicious!


Separate from the sauce that it is served from the start, you can select one other sauce from among five kinds, and I picked “Soft-boiled egg and sweet sauce.”
Since a soft-boiled egg is put in the sweet Korean tartare sauce, before you even try it you know that it will be delicious.(^^


Breaking the soft-boiled egg and then eating it together…


Wow, deeelicious!!
This is so delicious it should almost be against the rules.(^^


Eating it together with plenty of the sauce on the rice…


Wow, deeelicious!!
Since you can eat as much of the rice and miso soup as you like, you can enjoy a hearty meal!


Since you can select from three sizes for the hamburger steak, it is pleasing that you can match it to how hungry you are!





Small but cozy, the inside of the restaurant is plenty clean and nicely comfortable!
You should definitely go there to try the delicious rare hamburger steak lunch!


store Yakiniku Fujiaki
tel 06-6646-1296
address 12-15, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 129m from Namba Station (Nanhai)
opening hours 11:00〜14:00 , 17:00〜25:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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