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» RESTAURANT » “Udon to Osake Kachofugetsuan“ in Awaza
“Udon to Osake Kachofugetsuan“ in Awaza

“Udon to Osake Kachofugetsuan“ in Awaza

Curry udon made by a master from a famous store was as amazingly delicious as you'd expect!

For today’s lunch, I went to the udon restaurant “Udon to Osake Kachofugetsuan“ in Awaza.
It just opened on March 7th, and apparently the master of the restaurant was an apprentice at a famous udon restaurant!
The curry udon from all shops where people from that restaurant worked is delicious (^ ^
So, today’s lunch…
“Chicken tempura curry udon set” (¥950)


There is so much food in the big bowl!


First I try the soup..


Wooooooow, sooooo tasty!!!!
I love the taste of high quality soup where the umami really comes through!
Just as I expected, it is really really amazingly delicious curry soup!


The udon noodles are nice and fat…


Wooooooow, sooooo tasty!!!!
They have a nice firmness to them, and they go down nice, leaving you refreshed!


Such a big chicken tempura that it’s kind of heavy to pick up…



Wooooooow, sooooo tasty!!!!
The meat itself has been really well seasoned, and is so delicious!
I could drink so many beers with even just only this….


Of course I try it with rice…


Wooooooow, sooooo tasty!!!!
I just can’t stop (^ ^








The restaurant is also characterized by its wide range of Japanese bar (izakaya) foods!



The place has an izakaya-type feel to it, and I like the relaxed atmosphere!


The store is close to Awaza and Nishi-Nagahori stations,and I’m so happy I can eat this curry udon here (^ ^
I am definitely going to come back time and again!


store Udon to Osake Kachofugetsuan
tel 06-6543-5022 , 090-9870-0030
address 3-5-21, Itachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 371m from Awaza Station
opening hours 11:00~15:00 , 17:00~23:00
holiday Sundays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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