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“CheeZania bar” in Shinmachi

“CheeZania bar” in Shinmachi

Cheese lovers won't be able to resist this super bargain lunch from a cheese specialty restaurant, only available on weekends and national holidays!

For today’s lunch, I went to “CheeZania bar”, a cheese and Italian restaurant in Nishi ward’s Shinmachi. I was introduced to the place as somewhere you can enjoy an Italian bar menu with a focus on cheese. For a cheese lover like me, I couldn’t wait to go!
I had the weekends and national holidays-only lunch, and it left me so satisfied, it exceeded my expectations!
“CheeZania luxury cafe set” (¥1300 plus tax)
The set includes an appetizer platter, pasta, a cheese fondue hamburger, bread, a dessert and a drink!
“Appetizer platter”


Woooooow, sooooo tasty!!
Everything in the platter is so delicious and authentic- all seasoned by the Italian chef!


“Spring cabbage and bacon peperoncino”
It is half-sized.



Wooooow, sooooo tasty!!
The al dente pasta is just the right firmness, and it has a wonderful taste, with a combination of the sweet cabbage, salty bacon and umami of the garlic!


The bread is supposed to be eaten with the main cheese fondue hamburger, but the pasta sauce was just so delicious, I had them bring it out early (^ ^


I soaked the leftover sauce in the bread…


Woooooow, sooooo tasty!!
It is so delicious with the wonderfully smelling bread soaking up so much of the sauce!


The cheese fondue hamburger has plenty of cheese, and comes to you simmering away on an iron plate!


When you cut the hamburger, all the juices come flowing out… it’s that juicy! I have it with plenty of cheese…


Wooooow, soooo tasty!!
If you’re a cheese lover, you would LOVE this combination of sweet meat and the cheese’s umami!


Plenty of cheese on the bread too…


Wooooow, soooo tasty!!
I can’t stop (^ ^


Apparently, the sweet potato cheesecake, tiramisu and vanilla gelato desserts are all homemade!


Wooooow, soooo tasty!!
They all taste authentic and sooo delicious!


Finally, I have an ice coffee, and I am so full and satisfied!
All this for only ¥1300 plus tax is a bargain, no matter how you see it!





Apparently, if you don’t like cheese, you can switch the weekends and national holidays lunch set cheese fondue hamburger with one with demi glace sauce.
On weekdays, you can choose between hamburger, omu rice or pasta for the bargain price of ¥850!
The evening menu has a range of great looking dishes too!





The restaurant has a chic, relaxing atmosphere, with tables and counter space. I definitely want to go back in the evening and try all sorts of their cheese dishes!


store CheeZania bar
tel 06-6648-8588
address Yanosono Building 1F, 1-9-17, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 313m from Nishiohashi Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 11:30〜15:00 , 17:30〜22:30 [Sat.-Sun. and National holidays] 11:30~22:30
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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