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A shaved ice specialty store, “Dogyan” in Nishi-ku Itachibori.

A shaved ice specialty store, “Dogyan” in Nishi-ku Itachibori.

An original shaved ice specialty store that brings joy and happiness has opened!

After hearing the news of a shaved ice specialty store, “Dogyan”, opening in Nishi-ku Itachibori, we quickly went to check it out!
Using the first floor of “Miyazaki Local Cuisune Dogyan Itachibori Store”, popular for Ramen and chicken dishes, the store opens only on weekends from 11:00am ~5:00pm.
The owner, known to be particularly studious, repeatedly traveled throughout Kansai and also to Tokyo, to study a variety of shaved ice, and through many rounds of trial and error, he finally created his own line-up!
From a selection of 10 varieties, we tried 3 this time
“Condensed milk & strawberries” (¥800)
So funny that it is served in a pot (^^



The condensed milk espuma is fluffy and not too sweet. It matches perfectly with the strawberries. The shaved ice is very fluffy, and immediately disappeared in my mouth!


“Chocolat fromage” (¥800)
The mascarpone cheese cream covers the ice, making it look like a cake (^^



A surprising collaboration between rich mascarpone cheese cream and chocolate!
The chocolate shaved ice is fluffy and delicious as well.


“Okinawa dark syrup and Kinako soy powder” (¥750)
You just can’t go wrong with the combination of dark syrup and Kinano soy powder(^^



The Kinako soy powder cream is very rich, and the dark syrup matches amazingly well!
I am simply astonished.



After eating so much shaved ice, you inevitably get cold and your mouth is left with the sweet aftertaste. Therefore, the hot tea and pickles service is greatly appreciated. (^^





All 10 shaved ices on the menu are full of originality.
Every shaved ice at this place is amazing, fun to eat and made me happy!
I intend on coming back to try them all!



This place will be greatly cherished during the hot season ahead (^^
Please go try the delicious shaved ice you can only get here!!


store Dogyan
tel 06-6543-6689
address 1-6-14, Itachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 541m from Honmachi Station
opening hours 11:00〜17:00
holiday Mon.-Fri.
Original(Written in Japanese)



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