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Kimodon Fukushima Store

Kimodon Fukushima Store

A tavern that is popular with adults since no matter how many glasses of draft beer that you drink, they are ¥100!

For today’s lunch I went to “Kimodon Fukushima Store” in Fukushima-ku.
This is the first time I have been to a place where they had a really wonderful system of always charging ¥100 for each glass of draft beer no matter how many that you drank!
Various kinds of tavern dishes are available with the main focus on Okinawa cuisine!
“Pork Egg” (¥430)
This combination is the best. (^^


When you eat the omelet and Span together…


The fluffy egg and the superbly salty Spam go together so well and are delicious!


¥100 Asahi Super Dry draft beer


At any rate, ¥100 for this draft beer is just too pleasing!


“Pig’s feet” (¥390)
Eating really large grilled pig’s feet dipped in the miso sauce that it came with…


It has plenty of jellylike collagen that immediately melts away, making it insanely delicious!


¥100 Asahi Super Dry draft beer



“Wheat Gluten Egg” (¥450)
This is also a wonderfully large omelet, with plenty of wheat gluten inside of it!


The fluffy texture of the wheat gluten is great!


¥100 highball






At this tavern you can drink highballs, wine, “shochu” highballs, and shochu liquor all for ¥100!
Since it is written on the menu “just for now,” I think that this will not last forever, but at any rate it is a bargain!
Also, there is a unique system available where, for ¥600, you can drink all you want for an unlimited time from a faucet that pours shochu liquor in front of the counter.


From early in the evening it is crowded with customers, with more and more customers coming in, and everyone enjoying the ¥100 beer.(^^
When you want to enjoy reasonably priced beer, I really recommend this tavern that is in front of Fukushima Station!


store Kimodon Fukushima Store
tel 06-6442-7200
address 7-6-8, Fukushima, Fukushima-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 52m from Fukushima Station
opening hours [Mon.-Thu. and Sun.]16:00~24:00 [Fri.-Sat. and the day before national holidays]16:00~26:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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