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TAMON’S in Nakazakicho

TAMON’S in Nakazakicho

With expertly prepared beef patties and buns, these hamburgers are simply exquisite!

For today’s lunch I decided to head over to Nakazakicho to check out the burger restaurant “TAMON’S”.

Gori Gori Barger (¥1,100)
They offer a huge selection of hamburgers, but since the menu listed a recommendation for first-time customers, I went ahead and ordered that.
The hamburger features a top-notch 180g beef patty with just cheese and sauce. The patty is sandwiched nicely between hefty burger buns, which are made with an extraordinary level of quality.
It doesn’t come with any vegetables or tomatoes on it, which means you can taste the burger’s delicious savoriness without anything getting in the way.
The hamburger also came with a veggie salad on the side since it was lunchtime.


You can really tell how heavy the hamburger is when you hold it up to give it a bite….


Wow!!! I can’t believe how delicious that is!!
The hamburger’s beef is coarse with a nice and meaty texture, which is my favorite type of burger. The hamburger has an awesome balance between savoriness and sweetness, and it’s even more delicious with the cheese and specially prepared sauce that comes with it.
The thick, heavy bun has a great springy texture to it, and the bun’s sweetness is a perfect match for the burger.
Vegetables can make a hamburger soggy and hard to eat. But with this hamburger, you can truly taste the deliciousness of the beef patty and bun since there aren’t any veggies on it.








They also offer a variety of hamburgers with vegetables and other toppings.
You can check out their special “Challenge Hamburger” too!


The two women that work there are friendly and sociable, and while I was there the restaurant’s atmosphere was very relaxed and comfortable. (^^
I’m definitely going to eat here again!


store TAMON’S
tel 06-6360-1255
address Tamon's Building, 1-7, Banzaicho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 277m from Nakazakichō Station
opening hours [Tue.-Thu.] 16:00〜24:00 [Fri.-Sun. and National holidays] 11:30~24:00
holiday Mondays (Changes when Monday falls on a national holiday)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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