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“GROVE piccola” in Higobashi

“GROVE piccola” in Higobashi

Numb with awe at this delicious tangy mayonnaise

I went to a café in Higobashi called “GROVE piccola” today for lunch.
As a creative person myself, I love restaurants like this that are constantly coming up with menus with new and creative themes. When I heard about this place, I just had to go right away!

“Teriyaki Mayonnaise Chicken With Assorted Sides” (¥850)
This set came with a huge, meaty teriyaki chicken, vegetables, salad, rice, and a soup on the side!
Also, the new food that debuted today was…
This mayonnaise was incredible!
I’ve been eating around at many establishments for a long time, but this has got to have been the first time I’ve encountered something like it.


Let’s see how this huge, meaty, mayonnaise covered piece of teriyaki chicken tastes…


Oh my gosh~~, it is incredible!!
The umami of the mayonnaise and the electric tang of on my tongue and lips was wonderful!
Teriyaki chicken itself has a great umami flavor, but this brought it up to the next level!
The umami of mayonnaise and the numbness and aroma of the Japanese pepper are difficult to incorporate side by side; it take dozens of times of trial and error to make such a perfect combination!


This mayonnaise was so good, I had them bring me some more (^^


Let’s put it on top of rice, and put even more mayonnaise on…


Ahhh~~ it’s so good!!


A side dish made with vegetables from a farm that directly supplies all the vegetables…


It’s so delicious!!
The flavoring is all incredibly done!
Without realizing, I suddenly got the urge for some beer and sake (^^


After eating, I had an ice coffee (¥200) to cool down my numb mouth.
It was very pleasant~ (^^



I really appreciated the full effort put into the lunch menu at this totally open-hearted café!
They are currently working on a new menu, which I am anxiously awaiting (^^


store GROVE piccola
tel 06-6443-6733
address Dai San Yasuda Building 1F, 1-9-5, Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 426m from Higobashi Station
opening hours [Tue.-Fri.] 11:30~21:00 [Sat.-Sun.] 11:30~17:00
holiday Mondays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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