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“Kitashinchi Hayashiya”

“Kitashinchi Hayashiya”

Spunky Mabo Curry, you'll be addicted from the first bite!

Today for lunch I went to the restaurant “Kitashinchi Hayashiya” in Kitashinchi, which specializes in curry.
Late at night this place is “Shonya Shokudo Meshiya”, but at lunch time the space is used for a restaurant that specializes in curry.
“Spunky Mabo Curry” (800円)
The heart shaped rice, which only a female owner could make, is so cute!


Firstly I’ll try the Spunky Mabo Curry…


OMG!! Sooooo delicious!!
The delicious taste and spiciness of Mabu-dofu combine and I’m not sure whether it’s mabu-dofu or a curry, but whatever it is it’s delicious.
This delicious taste is without doubt one you’ll get addicted to from the first bite.


Chicken Keema Curry


OMG!! Sooooo delicious!!
The amazingly invigorating spice combines with the delicious taste of the chicken, making it taste even better than when I’ve had it before!




Sooooo delicious!!
The gentle flavor cools down your burning mouth. (^^



For only 50円 extra you can get it takeaway, so please make use of this if you don’t have much time!



It’s only open during the day, but please visit it if you have time!


store Kitashinchi Hayashiya
tel 06-6346-3132
address Iwamura Building 2F, 1-3-30, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 100m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 11:30~15:00
holiday Sundays and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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