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“SOMA” in Nakatsu

“SOMA” in Nakatsu

This genuine spicy curry is the real thing! So delicious you’ll be moved to tears!

For today’s lunch I went to “SOMA”, a restaurant in Nakatsu that specializes in curry dishes.

Being a restaurant that specializes in curry, all the menu items involve curry. However, there is a wide array of types and everything on the menu is aigake-style curry, which uses a blend of two different types of curry.

“Vegetable Curry & Lamb Keema Curry” (850 Yen) at “10x Spicy” (+50 Yen)
The huge plates are filled to the edges, giving you a sizable amount of curry!


The waiter told me to take the two types of curry and “mix them up well.”
I was sure it would be more delicious mixed, but first I tried each type of curry separately to check out their flavor.


Lamb Keema Curry


Wow, it’s delicious!
The Keema has an enjoyably textured mouthfeel and you can taste the characteristic mild taste of lamb. I’m sure lamb-lovers won’t be able to resist this curry!
The complex mix of spices do their part to maximize the savory flavor of the lamb.
With these amazing flavors, even people who normally don’t like lamb will find this dish absolutely delicious.
The spices are designed to slowly build up, yet also give you a full flavor throughout. It’s really interesting to feel your tongue slowly going numb as you eat the dish!



Vegetable Curry


This curry has a mild flavor that expertly combines the sweetness of the vegetables with the savory flavor.
It starts off mild, but even here the spice sneaks up on you!

I stirred the two types of curry together and tried it.


Wow, what is this amazing taste?
Sweet, hot, spices, savory lamb, and the meaty taste.
I’ve never experienced this mix of different tastes before!
Now I understand why they told me to mix the curry (^ ^


This makes me want to take on all of their many types of curry!





The inside of the restaurant is decorated with plants and presents a calm, relaxing space for its guests.
The staff running the restaurant are kind and do a wonderful job of making you feel at home!


store SOMA
tel 06-7503-8217
address 3-18-2, Nakatsu, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 117m from Nakatsu Station (Hankyu)
opening hours [Mon.-Thu., Sat.]12:00~ (Open until supplies lasts)
holiday Fridays, Sundays and irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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