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“Ramen Yashichi” in Nakatsu

“Ramen Yashichi” in Nakatsu

Now I know why there's a queue for this place every single day! Their extremely creamy classic chicken broth was amazing!

For today’s lunch I went to “Ramen Yashichi”, a ramen restaurant in Nakatsu. There isn’t anybody in Osaka who doesn’t know this restaurant – it is very famous for the long queues it attracts.

I had to work during lunch so I nearly missed eating, but fortunately when I passed this restaurant at 3:30pm there were only 2 people waiting to be seated! Even better – the restaurants ‘sold out’ sign was nowhere to be seen! I couldn’t miss out on this opportunity so I joined the queue and within 15 minutes I was enjoying their traditional Yashichi ramen.

‘Soy sauce ramen’: 730 yen.
It is the first time I have eaten this restaurants’ standard soy sauce ramen.


I tasted the soup first.


Wow!! So good! Now I understand the queues!
With just one mouthful I instantly understood why this restaurant has queues every day. There’s no way to describe how the beautifully creamy chicken broth complements the rich soy sauce. I couldn’t stop myself from drinking a few more mouthfuls of soup before I got on to the noodles!


The noodles are somewhat thick.


Wow! The noodles are delicious too! The consistent texture and favor of the noodles go really well with a generous amount of soup.



Roasted Pork Fillet.



Boiled egg.


So delicious! It complements the creamy soup so amazing well!


Before I knew it I had drunk all the soup.



A simple menu format.



The restaurant opens at 11:00am everyday, but the queue starts to form from around 10:00am. Today, the soup hadn’t been sold out at closing time (4:00pm), so a few of the people behind me in the queue were also lucky enough to eat here. For people who don’t want to queue much it might be a good idea to come around 3:30pm like I did. However, be aware that the chances of the soup being sold out increases.


store Ramen Yashichi
tel 06-6373-0035
address 3-4-8, Toyosaki, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 251m from Nakatsu Station (Osaka Municipal)
opening hours 11:00~16:00 (Open until supplies lasts)
holiday Sat.-Sun., National holidays and irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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