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passion et neture Shinsaibashi Store

passion et neture Shinsaibashi Store

Super spicy curry with demi-glace sauce base

For lunch today, I went to the wine bar “passion et neture Shinsaibashi Store”.
I had the super spicy curry (¥650) with the ground meat cutlet topping (¥200).
You can even tell by the way it looks that lots of ingredients are cooked well into the curry!



First, the curry.


The restaurant is proud of its demi-glace sauce, and I could taste that sweetness in the curry base for the first bite, but then I was attacked by the intense spiciness!
It is so spicy that it might be hard for a normal person to eat, but the spice level was comfortably invigorating for me. ( ^ ^
With its deeply rich demi-glace sauce, this is a super spicy curry that is fit for a yoshoku (Western-style Japanese food) restaurant.

The ground meat cutlet is densely stuffed full of meat.



The salad and soup here are also well-prepared, as you could tell if you try it.
There are free refills on both the salad and soup!
I always think, what a great deal this really is!




Everything on the lunch menu is robust and is a good deal.
It’s nice that it’s set up so that you can combine items the way you want.


The interior of the restaurant has a very casual, comfortable feel.


store passion et neture Shinsaibashi Store
tel 06-6241-1159
address Zelkova Building 1F, 1-12-14, Higashishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 265m from Nagahoribashi Station
opening hours 17:30~23:30
holiday Sundays
Original(Written in Japanese)



Trying out foods for 20 years. In pursuit of "good value", "bargain price", and "make you happy" lunch, has tried about 10,000 shops. Opened a blog, "M's lunch", in May 2005. On average the blog gets 70,000 daily views. Published "M's lunch: Kansai's BEST 100" by Kodansha in 2009. With the theme of "The charismatic blogger speaks: What do trending shops have in common?", has lectured many times at the local chamber of commerce. Regularly appears in Kansai TV's program "Yo-i Don!", and presents "Good Value Lunch".

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