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“epais” in Kitashinchi

“epais” in Kitashinchi

A tonkatsu lunch that's so juicy and affordable you'll be shocked!

For today’s lunch I went to “epais”, a restaurant in Kitashinchi that specializes in tonkatsu.

“Kagoshima Charmy Pork: Roast Cutlet Platter”
The thick cuts of tonkatsu are arranged meat-side-up across a wire mesh, for an extra eye-catching look!
Each cross section is lightly pink and brimming with lots of juices.


The stone slab is sprinkled with truffle salt.


To eat, place the pork on top to get some salt on it and…


Ohhhhh, it’s delicioussss!!
The sweet juices burst in your mouth when you bite into it!
This might be the first time I’ve ever had pork that’s this juicy!
Either way, I’m so impressed!


Plus it comes with these trendy little sides that you’d never expect from a tonkatsu restaurant!


Ohhh, it’s soo goood!
It’s more delicious than you could imagine, and bursting with this amazing, high-end and juicy flavor!


The “Kagoshima Charmy Pork: Roast Cutlet Platter” comes with about 150-160 grams of tonkatsu, side dishes, rice and red miso soup..



Then after you’re done eating it even comes with a dessert of ice cream and coffee…

…and yet it’s only ¥1,000 (with tax!)!

This is just such a great deal, and so wonderfully satisfying!!








There are four different types of lunch menus to choose from, and all of them are such a good deal!


This place is tucked away on the 3rd floor of the building. Its such a trendy and chic but relaxed space!


store epais
tel 06-6347-6599
address New Hana Building 3F, 1-9-3, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 299m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 11:30~15:00 (Open until supplies lasts) ,17:30~22:00
holiday Sundays and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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