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BOTANI:CURRY in Hommachi

BOTANI:CURRY in Hommachi

Authentic spicy curry at a new place! The curious spices and herbs are wonderful!

For today’s lunch I went to “BOTANI:CURRY”, a restaurant in Hommachi that specializes in curry.

Three kinds of curry are available, and while there are additional toppings, today I had the most basic “Botani curry” (¥900) that was “very spicy hot” (¥100), and with “pickled egg” (¥50) as a topping.
Something that looks like this is irresistible for those who love spicy curry. (^^



It is characteristic for spiced, minced chicken from three different parts put on top of the refreshing and soupy curry.


Wow, deeelicious!!
The feeling of the bracing spices that fills the mouth is further complemented by the smell of the herbs, and it goes without saying that it is delicious!
It is full of good flavor, and is so delicious that you can’t stop eating it!
Since it is nice and light, it is not heavy on the stomach, even if you eat a lot, and since absolutely no synthetic seasoning is used, it is also a very good curry for beauty!



I am happy that it comes with mango juice!



The inside of the small but cozy restaurant is plenty clean, and it is a very nice restaurant where even a woman on her own can go with peace of mind.


It is managed by a young man and woman couple.
I will be going again since there are other curries that I would like to try!


tel -
address Nippo Nishihonmachi Building 1F, 4-5-3, Kawaramachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 359m from Honmachi Station
opening hours 11:00~16:00 (Open until supplies lasts, check on twitter @BOTANICURRY1)
holiday Sundays and Irregular (Check on twitter @BOTANICURRY1)
Original(Written in Japanese)



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