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Manryo Higobashi Store

Manryo Higobashi Store

Lunch is now being served at this popular grilled meat restaurant, something that has been long awaited! The 100% Japanese black beef hamburger steak is superb!

For today’s lunch, I went to the grilled meat restaurant “Manryo Higobashi Store” in Higobashi.
All five grilled meat restaurants in this chain are so popular that you almost can’t get a reservation, and among the five only the Higobashi branch is now open for lunch just on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday!
The basic specialty is a hamburger steak lunch that only uses Japanese black beef and is eaten with Manryo’s barbecue sauce. A variety of toppings is also available.

It is really hard to decide since all the dishes are appealing…
“Double cheese hamburger steak” (¥1,000), and “All you can eat rice” (¥150).
This hamburger steak comes with a demi-glace sauce!


On top of the huge 200-gram hamburger steak, there is Hokkaido mozzarella cheese and American red cheddar. For those who love cheese, this is an irresistible hamburger steak!
The smell of the sizzling cheese on the piping hot stone plate is irresistible!


When I cut it open, the juices of the meat come flowing out!


When I eat it with the demi-glace sauce mixed with plenty of cheese…


Wow, deeelicious!!
The rich good flavor of the tender hamburger steak is exquisitely matched with the full-bodied demi-glace sauce and two kinds of cheese, and it is insanely delicious!


Shrimp soup.


The flavor of the shrimp is wonderfully rich.



When they have these many kinds of hamburger steak, it is hard to decide.(^^



The system for lunch is that you first buy a meal ticket!
While they are only open for lunch from Tuesday to Friday, I am nothing but happy that my favorite restaurant has begun to serve lunch.
Please be sure and go to this popular grilled meat restaurant for their delicious hamburger steak lunch.


store Manryo Higobashi Store
tel 06-6147-7841
address Tosabori Tokiwa Building 1F, 1-6-10, Tosabori, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 388m from Higobashi Station
opening hours [Tue.-Fri.] 11:00〜14:00 , 17:00~25:00 [Sat.-Sun. and National holidays] 11:00〜14:00 , 17:00~24:00
holiday Mondays
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