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“LOOP HAMBURG” in Shinmachi

“LOOP HAMBURG” in Shinmachi

A fantastic tasting hamburg steak specialty restaurant where the rice just doesn't stop coming...!

Today, I went to a hamburg steak specialty restaurant in Shinmachi called “LOOP HAMBURG” for lunch.
It is a restaurant that only opens during lunchtimes until the main operating restaurant ‘Okonomiyaki Kenkyujo’ opens at night.
As you might expect from a hamburg steak specialty restaurant, the menu only consists of hamburg steak, with 4 different types of toppings to choose from. I went for the ‘Melted Cheese Hamburg’ (Regular size 200g), costing 950 yen. Rice, pickles and soup come with the lunch. What’s more, the rice is bottomless!


The hamburg steak covered in melted cheese and topped with demi-glace sauce looks quite the picture!


I cut some off with my chopsticks.


Wow! It’s amazing!
I love the texture of this tightly packed hamburg steak! The sweet meat juices go really well with the flavor of the cheese and soy-sauce based demi-glace sauce! So good!


The rice here is completely bottomless for free. You can even have a Mount Fuji style rice bowl!
The flavor of the hamburg steak really goes well with rice, so I’m very glad the rice is bottomless!



There are various sizes of hamburg steaks to choose from – from Mini (150g) to Double Mega-size (400g)!



This small restaurant is managed by a cheerful man and woman. It is only open for lunch, but thankfully their lunchtime hours are very long!
If you are hungry for a delicious hamburg steak with rice and are looking for somewhere to fill you up nicely – look no further than this restaurant!


tel 080-4972-0032
address 1-30-3, Shimmachi, Nishi-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 123m from Nishiohashi Station
opening hours 11:00~17:00
holiday Mondays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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