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Tokisushi in Namba

Tokisushi in Namba

Today I went for lunch at a sushi restaurant called “Tokisushi” in Namba.

Let’s talk cost performance for a minute. Sure, you won’t find a rotating conveyer belt at this restaurant, but most of the sushi here won’t break the bank at a mere 150 yen a plate! You’d be hard-pressed to find a better value, that’s for sure.
I walked through the entrance today with only one thing on my mind: The “Toroju,” (1480 yen) sold only on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, and limited to a scant 10 dishes per day!
The pictures might not give the best idea of scale, but rest assured this dome of sushi piled high with fatty tuna was oh… so… goood!
I mean, get a load of this thick-cut tuna– there’s a whopping ten pieces per plate!



Underneath the tuna lurked a veritable mountain of rice!
And as if that weren’t enough, the entire thing was crowned with a heaping helping of the heart and soul of negitoro!


They delivered a rice paddle alongside the dome, so after taking a quick stab into it…
Goodness gracious, me! The inside was full of negitoro!


Let’s start with a slice…


Mmm, delicious!
Just a finger-sized bite of that marvelous tuna was so, so tender and delicious, it practically melted away in my mouth!
A feast of tuna, negitoro, and rice… Talk about a dream come true!


Feeling indulgent? Then this is how you scratch that itch! (^^



This “Toroju,” red miso soup included, carries an absolutely astounding value at only 1480 yen! Showing the soup next to the Toroju gives you a good idea of how big it really is, but make no mistake– if you try to eat this all on your own, you’re likely to burst a button!








Between the 150 yen per plate sushi, the one-coin nigiri and bowl meals, and the bargain meal sets, combos, and so much more, this sushi restaurant will leave your wallet very, very happy!


Believe it or not, this sushi restaurant in the up-and-coming Ura-Namba area was on the verge of closing, but make no mistake: there was no shortage of customers on the inside!


store Tokisushi
tel 06-6632-0366
address 4-21, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 231m from Namba Station (Nankai)
opening hours [Mon.-Sat.] 11:00~14:00 , 17:00~23:00 [Sun.] 11:00~around21:00
holiday Irregular
Original(Written in Japanese)



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