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“Nanatsuya Namba Walk Store” in Nipponbashi

“Nanatsuya Namba Walk Store” in Nipponbashi

A bustling place overflowing with customers!

Just 1 drink at one of my favorite standing-bar, “Nanatsuya Namba Walk Store”, in Nipponbashi!
Starting with a large bottle of beer at ¥350, all food and drinks are amazingly cheap! It is a very popular place, always bustling with customers!

“Seared Bonito (Katsuo no Tataki)” (¥380)
A large portion of thick-cut, beautiful bonito is offered at ¥380. It is just too cheap, no matter how you look at it!


The pairing of Ponzu, garlic, ginger, and onions is simply amazing and delicious!



Having “young sardines with grated Daikon radish (Shirasu Oroshi)” (¥150) and a large bottle of beer that only costs ¥350.



“Grilled chicken with scallions (Negima Shio Yaki)” (2 skewers for ¥250)

The meat is tender and very yummy!



“Firefly squid with vinegar and Miso (Hotaruika Sumiso)” ¥250)

Fresh firefly squid is rich and amazing!

Yakazaki Highball


This Yamazaki highball is only ¥300 per glass!




This sake is only ¥480 per cup!
Makes me worry if it is OK that everything is so cheap (^^;





This place offers a wide selection of items that drinkers like including, Teppanyaki, Oden, fried foods, a la carte items, and Sashimi. Everything is cheap!
Even the drinks are offered at unbelievable prices!


When I got to the bar, it was overflowing with customers. I was lucky today, however, because there was 1 seat open all the way in the back, which allowed me to relax and enjoy my drink (^^
This is an amazing standing-bar, where you can either grab a light bite with a drink, or eat and drink to your heart’s content!


store Nanatsuya Namba Walk Store
tel 06-6213-7714
address Namba Walk San-bangai, 1, Sennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 126m from Nihonbashi Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 9:30~22:30 [Sat.,Sun. and National holidays] 9:00~22:00
holiday 3rd Monday of every odd month
Original(Written in Japanese)



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