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“KÁlarz” in Kitashinchi

“KÁlarz” in Kitashinchi

A soft and lightly cooked omurice (omelette with rice) lunch that will fulfill even the highest of expectations!

Today, I went to Kitashinchi for lunch at a western restaurant called “KÁlarz”. My eye always catches the ‘Soft and lightly cooked omurice’ on the menu whenever I pass by this restaurant. It intrigued me so much that I just had to go to the restaurant to eat it for myself!
The restaurant serves up omurice with 3 different sauces. Besides omurice they also serve cream croquettes, hamburg steaks, beef stew, etc. At first my heart was torn as to what to order, but in the end I just had to have the ‘Soft and lightly cooked omurice with special demi-glacé sauce’. The egg is as soft and lightly cooked as the meal title suggests. It’s looks so tasty!



As I break open the egg cover… I am surprised to find white rice underneath instead of the standard ketchup rice! I eat some of the rice with the soft egg…


This is amazingly delicious! The rice isn’t normal white rice as I first thought – it is actually butter rice! On top of this, brown rice has been mixed with the white rice and cooked with little water – just as I like it! The demi-glacé sauce has been condensed, but it is still extremely delicious!



‘Pumpkin potage soup’


Wow! The thick, luxurious and creamy soup is filled with the sweet taste of pumpkins. It’s really good – I have taken a liking to this soup!

The size and amount of the starters and salad was surprisingly large!


All of the dishes were made with love and care – and all of them were delicious!



They didn’t cut corners on the dessert, either – it was served up in a cocktail glass!

The sour flavor of the fruits with yogurt was very refreshing. Just what was needed!

All of this was included with the ‘Soft and lightly cooked omurice lunch set’, and cost only 1,000 yen. Such a low cost for such a highly satisfying lunch!



The kitchen inside the restaurant is open with a large area for seating at the counter. The interior of the restaurant has a very clean feel. I hear the restaurant also has normal table seating and private room seating on the 2nd floor. I want to try everything on their lunch menu!


store KÁlarz
tel 06-6345-5669
address 1-6-7, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 234m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 11:30~13:30 , 17:30~22:30
holiday Sundays and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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