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“Yuya” in Nakatsu

“Yuya” in Nakatsu

Decadent donburi, combining both ten-don and kaisen-don!

For today’s lunch, we visited “Yuya”, an izakaya in Nakatsu. It usually serves fresh seafood and tempura as an izakaya (pub), but it’s also gained a great reputation for the donburi it serves at lunchtime – so here we go!

Ten-don teishoku (set meal)
With an enormous prawn in the center, there’s vege tempura like eggplant and pumpkin, not to mention sea urchin, salmon roe and marinated tuna on top, combining the best of ten-don (tempura on rice) and kaisen-don (seafood on rice). What a decadent donburi!


This is really something!
The rice has soaked in the delicate ten-tsuyu (tempura dipping broth); enjoy that with sea urchin and salmon roe for a pleasant surprise!
The tempura batter was thin, light and deep fried to perfection; really, the quality is very high.



The “ten-don teishoku” comes with this delightful donburi, 2 side dishes, pickles, and miso soup, all for 1000 JPY, an equally delightful bargain!
They only serve this one item at lunchtime, so if you walk in and take a seat, you’ll automatically be served this.
It’s limited to 30 servings per day, so it’s best you make your way there at an earlier time.



The evening menu lineup also looks very promising, and the prices are very generous!



There are only counter seats, and you can see the two chefs hard at work.
I’ll be back for sure to try the evening menu!


store Yuya
tel 06-6371-2123
address 3-5-5, Nakatsu, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 107m from Nakatsu Station (Hankyu)
opening hours 17:00~23:00
holiday Wednesdays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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