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“Ramen Tsuji” in Tanimachi 4-chome

“Ramen Tsuji” in Tanimachi 4-chome

Their perfectly emulsified chicken and tonkatsu broth is out of this world!

Today, I went to Tanimachi 4-chome and had lunch at a ramen shop called “Ramen Tsuji”.
They’ve only just opened, so for now the ramen menu gives you a choice of either shoyu ramen or niku-shoyu ramen.
Shoyu (750 yen)
The bubbly soup really sets them apart from the rest!


Now let’s try a taste of this soup…


Whoaaaa! It’s incredible!!
The deep umami of chicken and tonkatsu combined with its creamy, mellow sweetness tangle together to make for one mind-blowing mouth-gasm!
It was so delicious, I ended up slurping down the soup like there was nothing else in the bowl before I caught myself. (^^


Even the thin, straight noodles came out with bubbles stuck to them!


So~o~o good!!


Now for the roast pork.


Tender, sweet, and oh-so-tasty!


And now for the chicken, roast-style.




I had to wonder what this was for a little while, but when I took a bite…


Cooked inside this Italian fritatta-esque creation were crunchy little bits of cartilage. It was pretty tasty!
I’d never had anything like it in a bowl of ramen before— apparently it’s the restaurant’s specialty!


It was gone before I knew it, but that soup was good to the last drop. (^^



The store is staffed and ran by the chef alone, and features eight counter-only seats.
It’s conveniently located close to the Tanimachi 4-chome Station, so I’ll certainly be dropping by in the future!


store Ramen Tsuji
tel 06-7178-8377
address Yamadai Building 1F, 1-1-10, Yariyamachi, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 152m from Tanimachi-4chome station
opening hours 11:30〜14:30 , 17:30〜22:00
holiday Sundays and National holidays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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