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“Enishidori LUCUA Osaka Store” in Umeda

“Enishidori LUCUA Osaka Store” in Umeda

Enjoy oyakodon with "Yamato" brand chicken at a bargain price!

For today’s lunch I went to the 10th floor of LUCUA in Umeda to enjoy teppanyaki with Yamato chicken at “Enishidori LUCUA Osaka Store.”
Their lunch menu features a delicious selection of grilled teppanyaki dishes, as well as sukiyaki and takikomi-gohan (seasoned rice) prepared with special “Yamato Nikudori” brand chicken. But, in the end my choice for lunch was easy…

Yamato Chicken Oyakodon!
With perfectly cooked soft-boiled eggs.(^^

Their oyakodon has an extraordinary combination of deliciously tender Yamato chicken with dashi stock and creamy egg yolk, which has a ton of savory umami flavor.


The oyakodon here is as good as it gets!


Here we have the “Chicken Dashi Soup with Somen Noodles,” which comes with the set meal.

It’s prepared with top-notch chicken dashi stock that features a deep and delicious flavor!!



They have a “Yamato Chicken Oyakodon and Chicken Dashi Soup with Somen Noodles Set” that comes with pickled veggies and Yoshino sesame tofu on the side for a total of 1,380 yen.
This set meal is quite a bargain!


The interior has a calm and composed atmosphere that is perfect for enjoying a glass of wine with Yamato chicken teppanyaki.(^^
I definitely want to come here for dinner sometime!


store Enishidori LUCUA Osaka Store
tel 06-6485-7791
address LUCUA 10F, 3-1-3, Umeda, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 37m from Osaka Station
opening hours 11:00~23:00
holiday Same as Lucua
Original(Written in Japanese)



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