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“Koushi” in Kitashinchi

“Koushi” in Kitashinchi

Meat! So much meat! Great lunch, great portions!

For today’s lunch, I found myself at “Koushi”, a charcoal grill joint in Kitashinchi.
I’d seen the lunch queue a few times, so it was a place that I always had in mind.
The lunch menu is 3 items only, the “beef loin steak lunch”, “chargrilled pork loin lunch” and the “mixed lunch”.
Today, I went for the “mixed lunch”, with a bit of both beef and pork loin.
Just shocked at what I got, an incredible amount of meat!
So that’s why this place is so popular…
Stack upon stack of pork loin was piled high on the plate, with another mountain of beef loin hiding on the other side.


The pork loin had a great chargrilled aroma and went very well with the ponzu sauce with grated radish.



This is the beef steak hiding behind the pork loin. Great portions, yet again.



With all-you-can-eat rice, miso soup and kimchi, the “mixed lunch” is 880 JPY! Great for people who are after volume.



In the evening, you can enjoy a wide selection of shochus along with the chargrilled menu.
The evening menu and drinks were all priced very generously, I’m guessing it’s very popular at night too.


store Koushi
tel 06-4796-7575
address 1-5-37, Dojima, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 240m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours 11:30~14:00 , 17:30~23:30
holiday Sundays, National holidays, Obon holidays and Year-end and New Year seasons
Original(Written in Japanese)



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