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“BOBINO” in Kitashinchi

“BOBINO” in Kitashinchi

Luxurious curry at a steak house!

For lunch today, I went to “BOBINO”, a steak house in Kitashinchi.

Located slap-bang in center of Kitashinchi,
this is a high-end, long-established steak house where you can enjoy Sanda Beef at night.

For lunch, BOBINO serves steak curry, an appealing and affordable dish that is made using generous amounts of Sanda Beef.


First, I tried placing only the meat on top of my rice. The meat, which is first careful fried in a frypan, is seasoned with salt and pepper. It is popped back in the frypan together with the curry and lightly browned.

This aroma is out of this world!

The more you chew the meat, the more it releases its thick juices. It is concentrated with the natural flavor that red meat has! Using the meat that is served as steak in a curry is truly luxurious. (^^


And then there is the taste of the curry itself, which is just wonderful!
This is a European-style curry with a thick texture. A stock made using a wide variety of vegetables and a broth created from Sanda Beef give it an extremely deep, full-bodied flavor.


This is the potato salad, which was I was served and told to eat while it was still cold.
The potato salad, chilled to crispy perfection, was lightly seasoned and tasted lovely.


The lunch menu here is a simple one, although the hayashi rice has got me really worked up!


Each time I passed by the restaurant, the dish piqued my curiosity!

This was a wonderful restaurant, and it is no surprise that it has been in business for so long in this part of town.


store BOBINO
tel 06-6345-3101
address 1-2-17, Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 19m from Nakatsu Station (Hankyu)
opening hours 11:30~14:00 , 17:30~21:30
holiday Sundays, National holidays and the 3rd Saturday of every month
Original(Written in Japanese)



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