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“Gasyu-Toutou” in Kitashinchi

“Gasyu-Toutou” in Kitashinchi

A plentiful lunch in a fancy, high-class space for an amazing price!

For today’s lunch I went to “Gasyu-Toutou” a Japanese restaurant in Kitashinchi.
With their daily and weekly specials, they have such a wide array of alluring food that I did not even know where to start, but I decided upon their most popular item, the “Kuroge Wagyu Sukiyaki Lunch” (1300 yen).
The sukiyaki is packed with Kuroge Wagyu (Japanese Black Beef) and also comes with a side, miso soup, free refills of rice, and two eggs for a very filling meal!
One egg is for the sukiyaki and the other is to put on your rice!


The simmering iron pot!


Dip in the cracked egg.


The sweet and incredibly tender meat just melts in your mouth in an instant!
Being able to eat sukiyaki with high-quality meat at such a reasonable price is an amazing deal!


The flavor even permeates into the udon, making it extra tasty!


Crack the egg over the glistening rice and add soy sauce and dashi soup stock.


Just mix it up and…


The eggs are rich and savory!
Being able to cook the rice just as you like is also outstanding!



The “Kuroge Wagyu Sukiyaki Lunch” (1300 yen) is an incredibly satisfying meal!
The other lunches look amazing as well!



The inside of the restaurant is classy and gorgeous. Even with all the seats they have available, they get so busy that people have to wait in line!
The level of service is also outstanding, and they will really make you feel at home!
Make sure to go and check it out!


store Gasyu-Toutou
tel 06-6348-0141
address 1-5-2, Dojima, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 262m from Kitashinchi Station
opening hours Lunch[Mon.-Fri.] 11:00~14:30 (No lunch on national holidays) , Dinner[Mon.-Sat.] 18:00~23:00
holiday Sundays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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