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Hakata Motsu-nabe Yamaya Umeda Store

Hakata Motsu-nabe Yamaya Umeda Store

All-you-can-eat seasoned cod roe! A very satisfying lunch at a reasonable price!

For today’s lunch, I went to a Hakata Motsu-nabe restaurant in Umeda called “Yamaya Umeda Store”.
It is a Motsu-nabe restaurant produced by a high-quality seasoned cod roe store in Fukuoka called “Yamaya”. At lunch, their high-quality seasoned cod roe becomes all-you-can-eat!
At this restaurant, you can pick one of the five main dishes on the lunch menu. With that comes all-you-can-eat spicy seasoned cod roe and takana (leaf mustard), rice, miso soup, and salad—all for just ¥980!
I went there because I wanted to eat delicious rice and seasoned cod roe, which I haven’t had in a while.

I put a load of seasoned cod roe on top of lustrous rice.


The popping texture and spiciness! Seasoned cod roe is so good! The rice has a perfect degree of softness, and I can just eat this forever.



The seasoned cod roe and spicy takana in these bowls are all-you-can-eat!



I put spicy takana on the rice.


This is also spicy and rich in flavor. So tasty!

Plus seasoned cod roe.


I’m so happy.



For my main dish, I chose Torotama (half-boiled egg) beef tendon.

The Japanese soup stock was very rich and delicious.

“Torotama beef tendon lunch set” comes with all-you-can-eat seasoned cod roe and spicy takana, rice, salad and miso soup, all for just ¥980! A very reasonable price!


I went inside a little past 1:30 p.m., but all the counter and table seats were full!
And more and more people kept coming in!
It’s nice that you can get such a satisfying lunch at a reasonable price all year long, even on weekends!
I highly recommend this restaurant if you want to eat delicious seasoned cod roe.


store Hakata Motsu-nabe Yamaya Umeda Store
tel 06-6316-0888
address Umeda rakutenchi Building1F, 5-1, Kakudacho, Kita-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 274m from Umeda Station (Osaka Municipal)
opening hours 11:00~14:00 , 17:00~23:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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