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“Yakiniku Asada” in Esaka

“Yakiniku Asada” in Esaka

A superb roast beef bowl in a super value Japanese barbecue restaurant!

For today’s lunch, I went to “Yakiniku Asada”, a Japanese barbecue restaurant in Esaka.
It’s a hugely popular place that offers a limited amount of “Roast Beef Bowl” in lunch time!
A friend of mine tried one and spoke so highly of it that I couldn’t settle down, so I already went there to check it out!
There are two types of lunch menu, the “Roast Beef Bowl” and “Roast Beef Set Meal”, with the options “Standard” and “Large”.

“Roast Beef Bowl (Large)” (890 yen)

An extravagant roast beef bowl with 400 g of rice, over 15 pieces of roast beef cut and egg yolk on top, plus pickled vegetables and miso soup for 890 yen… This is a super value!
A “Standard” size would be 690 yen, a so reasonable price that it’s kinda hard to believe!


From any angle, all I can see is beef, beef, beef!!


First, I’ll try the rare roast beef, just as it is!


Woooooow, delicious!!
The beef is incredibly juicy and soft, and this addictively tasty homemade sauce makes it even more delicious!
Only barbecue restaurants can offer a beef with this quality, indeed!


Along with rice…


Geeeeez, delicious!!
The piping hot rice is soaked with sauce… I can’t stop eating it (^ ^


With egg yolk…


Woooooooow, so gooood!!
It adds mildness to it, and it’s so delicious I’m about to cry!



This restaurant, located in a residential area about 5 to 6 minutes walk from Esaka Station, has a bright interior that looks like a café, with an excellent coziness!
This lunch menu has a limited quantity of just about 20 meals per day (Roast Beef Bowl and Roast Beef Set Meal combined), but if a large number of large meals is served, it’s reduced to only 15 meals or so.
Today, it opened at 11:30, and by 11:50, it was already sold out!
Lunch is served only four days a week: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, so it may be quite hard to make it, but it’s totally worth it, in my opinion! Usually, many customers are lined up before the restaurant opens, so I suggest you arrive a bit early!


store Yakiniku Asada
tel 06-4861-2929
address 1F, 17-24, Toyotsucho, Suita-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 503m from Esaka Station
opening hours [Mon.-Fri.] 11:30~ (Open until supplies lasts) , 18:00〜24:00 [Sat.-Sun. and National holiday] 17:00~24:00
holiday Tuesdays
Original(Written in Japanese)



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