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“Abeno Katsu Sandwich Romantei”

“Abeno Katsu Sandwich Romantei”

The egg along with the super-thin, soft, and fluffy bread give this egg sandwich a superb texture reminiscent of mille-feuille pastry.

For today’s lunch I went to the “Abeno Katsu Sandwich Romantei”, specializing in sandwiches. It is located on the 2nd floor basement of Abeno Harukas in Tennoji.
I grabbed a take-out sandwich from their cafe just the other day and because it was so delicious I came back and encountered this amazing egg sandwich!
“Egg Sandwich” (681 Yen)
The five ultra-thin pieces of bread with egg in-between give it the appearance of a mille-feuille, or Napoleon pastry!


Wow, it’s so good!!
The bread on the outside is lightly toasted to give off an amazing scent, with the bread inside soft and fluffy to meld excellently with the egg. I was impressed by the unique texture and flavor!
Eating this could be habit forming (^ ^


“Soft Drink Set A” (210 Yen)


“Herekatsu (Pork Filet Cutlet) Sandwich” (843 Yen)
Naturally, I had to have the pork cutlet sandwich as well ( ^ ^


Mmmm, very good!!
This bread is thick, soft, and fluffy. The meat is wonderfully juicy and tender, with excellent crisp breading on the outside.
The demi-glace sauce also brings yet another savory level of flavor to this pork cutlet sandwich!



This cafe is located in the food court on the 2nd basement floor of the Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store. The cafe isn’t too big, but it is a great place to relax and feel at home.
There are three types of pork cutlet sandwiches available for take-out. The egg sandwich is not available for take-out.
Make sure you go and give it a try.


store Abeno Katsu Sandwich Romantei
tel 06-6655-0141
address Abeno Harukas Kintetsu Main Store Wing-Building B2F, 1-1-43, Abenosuji, Abeno-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka
Google Map
transport 47m from Osaka Abenobashi Station
opening hours 10:00~20:30
holiday Same as Abeno Harukas
Original(Written in Japanese)



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