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Minamisenba Oniku

Minamisenba Oniku

With proper servings of high quality meat - you will not be able to resist this restaurant and its meat!

I went to Minamisenba to get a Japanese lunch at a specialist meat restaurant called “Minamisenba Oniku”. Given that they carefully select the meat which they serve, you can eat here for a surprisingly reasonable price- I love this place!
There are several types of meat dishes available on the lunch menu.

“Harami-ju” 980Yen.
The amount of thick and fleshy meat you receive in this dish deserves full marks!

(Note from translator for understanding of the reader: Harami is a slice of meat taken from the diaphragm of a cow)




Whaaaaatttt! This is amazinnnnngg!
The soft meat is incredibly juicy, and the dipping sauce complements it exquisitely! It has some strong seasoning and the rice just doesn’t stop coming. ^^


Helping to fill you up and satisfy your hunger, the salad, miso soup, pickled vegetabled and so on are all-you-can-eat.


My friend came with me, and this is the Yakiniku Set Meal (“Yakiniku Teishoku”) that he ate.
The amount of food in this dish is stunning too, but there’s a lot of fatty meats in this one, making it great for people who love that sort of thing, but not so great for others who dislike fat together with their meat.





It’s pretty much an all-you-can-eat if you order the set meals or the food boxes.


Once you take your shoes off and go inside, you’ll see how spacious this place is, making it easy to get comfortable and enjoy your lunch.
This restaurant’s reasonably priced meat really fills you up- you simply will not be able to stop thinking about this restaurant’s meat dishes.


store Minamisenba Oniku
tel 06-6263-9990
address 2-6-9, Minamisemba, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 216m from Nagahoribashi Station
opening hours 11:30~14:30 17:00~23:00
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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