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Namba “Stand Ajito”

Namba “Stand Ajito”

Now open: a delicious, cheap, and super stylish standing bar!

I enjoyed dinner at “Stand Ajito”, a standing bar in Namba.

It’s part of the same group as a dining bar that I love, “DINING Ajito”.

You can enjoy many of Ajito’s must-eat dishes with the original taste but at standing bar price, making this the bar of my dreams (^^

“Super assortment of the day” (680Yen)

This assortment is piled with five or six of the appetizers prepared on that particular day!

All kinds of food are piled onto a large plate. There’s so much that it’s almost too big for one person to eat!

The selection included my favorite, “Anchovy potato”, as well as “Smoked salmon with black olive sauce”, “Spanish omelette with mushrooms”, “Mixed vegetable ratatouille”, and “Mozuku seaweed with vinegar”. It’s hard to know which one to eat first (^


Wow! So goooood!!

Everything is outstandingly delicious, with the perfect flavor you expect from Ajito!


Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut


It’s very rare to be able to drink genuine champagne from a glass at a standing bar. What’s more, this champagne is available

at only 780Yen per glass!

I think even 1,500Yen per glass is a good price, and I’m sure that anyone who knows how much Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label Brut costs will be amazed at how cheap this is (^^.


“Specially prepared breaded cutlet of minced Japanese Black beef” (380Yen)

I’m blown away that this super popular Ajito mince cutlet is also available at this price!




When you split it, the juices pour out like a waterfall!

Then when you eat it with sauce…


It’s so goooood!!

The roughly chopped onions go almost too superbly with the sweetness and deliciousness of the meat!

Heartland draft beer


This draft beer is 380Yen for a glass, another great price!




“Fried potatoes, Tuscan style” (280Yen)

These are simply fried potatoes, but the job has been done properly.



The potatoes are well flavored with rosemary, giving them a refreshing, European taste!

And what you need with this is…

White wine









So many enticing dishes are lined up, with items at 180Yen or 280Yen jostling for your attention!

I want to become the master of them all!




The high class, stylish space created by “Stand Ajito” is more reminiscent of the interior of a chic, relaxed restaurant than of a standing bar.

As you enter, the non smoking counter is to your right and the smoking counter is to your left. The kitchen is in between the two, so the needs of both people who don’t like smoke and people who want to smoke are catered for!


Not surprisingly for such a stylish place, the vast majority of the customers were women!

It was so full of groups of female customers that an old guy like me was a little out of place (^^;

I get the feeling that I’m going to go there again and again (^^

“BISTRO Ajito” is on the second floor.

It’s also a great space overflowing with class, an atmosphere in which you can relax and take it easy!

If you’re tired after standing and drinking at “Stand Ajito”, why not go upstairs and sit down to drink at your leisure?


store Stand Ajito
tel 06-6633-0588
address 15-4, Nambasennichimae, Chuo-ku Osaka-shi, Osaka,
Google Map
transport 120m from Namba Station
opening hours 16:00~23:30
holiday Open everyday
Original(Written in Japanese)



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